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The Unknown Face of Keiko Fujishima Julie, Former President of Johnny’s

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Former President Keiko Fujishima Julie Fujishima in tears at the September 7 press conference.

At the end of the second press conference by the Johnny’s s office on October 2, a printout of a “letter” from Keiko Fujishima Julie was distributed to the assembled reporters.

As a relative of the perpetrator, I believe that closing what my uncle Janie and mother Mary created is the atonement I can make.

Janie and I have never eaten alone together since we were born.

“If I express an opinion that differs even slightly from hers (the late Mary Kitagawa), she gets angry like a mad person and does things like smash me.

Until 2018, when the new building was completed, I have never set foot in the office of Johnny’s.”

At the beginning of the press conference, the room was quiet as Yoshihiko Inohara (47) read on his behalf. Among them,

Janney was receiving an allowance from Merry, so…”

The entire venue was enveloped in an even more noisy atmosphere when he read the following line: “From a management standpoint,” he said, “it was not possible to make a profit. This sentence revealed that Julie’s mother had full authority over the “management side.

A “gift-giver” who has won the hearts of women in the industry.

Julie’s father is writer Taisuke Fujishima, and she made her show business debut at the age of six in the musical “Look Up at the Stars at Night” starring the Four Leaves under the name “Fujishima Julie. In the video work, she appeared in the first series of “3 years B class Kinpachi sensei” (TBS), and co-starred with Toshihiko Tahara and Masahiko Kondo, who could be called the saviors of Johnny’s office in the ’80s” (entertainment agency executive).

In the ’70s, there were several female talents besides Mr. Julie, and they were the object of jealousy among fans of male talents. Under such circumstances, “Who is this girl?” and Mr. Julie’s existence also attracted attention, but it was soon discovered that she was Mary’s daughter.

Compared to Janie and Mary, who were famous even among fans at the time for their strong personalities, Julie was a “young lady” in her mannerisms and appearance, and was rumored to be a “celebrity and naive.

Since Mr. Julie became a director of Johnny’s and started taking care of TOKIO and Arashi, the most common comment from people in the industry, especially women, was that “Mr. Julie is a good gift-giver.

For example, on the day of an artist’s concert or stage interview, reporters and cameramen are given gifts. These gifts were all high-end confections from foreign brands purported to be for celebrities, as well as new products from long-established stores that they had never seen before.

Before Corona became popular, catering was often provided in the waiting room, and stylish paper plates with the letter “J” printed on them were provided, encouraging people to pick up sushi tubs and hors d’oeuvres. Sometimes such an opportunity was provided before the concert, and other times the catering was served afterward, and the talent would come to greet the guests. Even at such occasions, Mr. Julie did not stand by the side of the celebrities and greet them, but simply watched them silently from a distance.

Even the commercial sponsors were not aware of Mr. Julie, and most of them said, “I don’t know what he looks like. In May of this year, many of them said they saw Ms. Julie in motion for the first time in a video broadcast.

In addition, female producers, female editors-in-chief, and female desks of sports newspapers have received “gift books” selected by Ms. Julie. These were not “catalog gifts. The book was compiled like an album, with a variety of gifts that met Julie’s criteria,

The book was compiled like an album of gifts that Julie had received.

One woman in the industry laughed bitterly.

Many people said that they saw Mr. Julie moving for the first time” at this press conference.

After the press conference on September 7, it was reported that she “had a grand outing in Hawaii. Many people pointed out the “laxity that only a young lady can have,” but female producers at TV stations and female editors-in-chief of fashion magazines, with whom Mr. Julie often had dinner, asked, “What’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with that? “What’s wrong with that?” “That’s what Julie’s unique change of pace is all about.

What’s wrong with that?” “That’s the kind of change of pace that only Ms. Julie can make.

Apparently, many women in the industry are fans of Julie, with some saying that she is “extremely sensible” and “has a global mindset because she has studied abroad. There were also some bigwigs in the industry who said that she is rather quiet and not the aggressive type, and that she “can’t be put forward anymore” and that they “want to protect her somehow.

It was also journalist Shoko Enokawa who was the first to express her understanding of the contents of the letter Inohara read on her behalf at X (formerly Twitter),

“Tremendous mother’s domination. Julie, who says she still had a ‘gentle side,’ was also a victim of abuse.

She is also sympathetic, stating, “I am gradually learning more about Julie Fujishima. The true face of Keiko Fujishima Julie, which is gradually becoming known, is attracting more and more attention, but it may be that Julie will not be seen in the public eye in the future.

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