Office of The President Apologizes for Janney Kitagawa’s Sexual Assault Issue and Former Successor Hideaki Takizawa Surprising Move After the Scandal! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Office of The President Apologizes for Janney Kitagawa’s Sexual Assault Issue and Former Successor Hideaki Takizawa Surprising Move After the Scandal!

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Hideaki Takizawa, “successor” to Janie Kitagawa, sat in the passenger seat of the hearse at the funeral with a picture of his predecessor. What do you think of the sex assault report?

Finally, Johnny’s has apologized.

On May 14, the office’s president, Keiko Fujishima Julie, released a video on its official website. She apologized for the sexual assault of the late founder, Janie Kitagawa (died in 2019).

In the video, he apologized personally which was an unusual response. That must be why the issue of Mr. Janney’s sexual assault has become such a big social scandal.

In March, the BBC reported on Janney’s sexual assault, including interviews with the victims. Later, Cowan Okamoto, a former Johnny’s Jr. member, held a press conference to accuse Johnny of sexual assault, using his own name and showing his face.

In addition, a group of fan volunteers held a petition drive demanding an apology from Johnny’s and a third-party investigation and verification, and revealed at the press conference that they had collected 12,000 signatures and handed them over to the office. Such a huge outpouring of support led to this apology video.

In the midst of all this, there is one person who has remained silent on the matter, despite his close relationship with Mr. Janney, he is Hideaki Takizawa, who is recognized not only by fans but also within the industry as Janney Kitagawa’s successor, and who at one time served as vice president of the company.

Takizawa was popular as an artist himself, playing in the group “Tackey & Tsubasa,” but he retired from show business in 2018 and went behind the scenes as Janie Kitagawa’s successor.

(A reporter for a women’s magazine) Mr. Kitagawa explained his decision at that time,

Takizawa said, “When Hideaki Takizawa said to me, ‘I want to use my experience and knowledge as a TV personality to help Mr. Johnny’s Jr. in their development. I was so surprised and happy that I almost cried. I am truly grateful to Takizawa for making this decision.”


Mr. Takizawa, on the other hand, commented, “Mr. Janney’s presence is too great and can never be surpassed. That is why this job has become a goal that I will devote my entire life to.”

He expressed his extraordinary commitment to his successor.

In fact, at Janney’s funeral in July 2019, Takizawa sat in the passenger seat of the hearse with a portrait of his predecessor. The relationship between master and disciple was like that of “father and son.”

However, Takizawa left Johnny’s in October 2022. In March of this year, he established his own new agency and has made it clear that he will continue to work in the entertainment industry, including recruiting new members.

As president, Mr. Julie made a public apology and stated that she had no knowledge of Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults. Takizawa, who supported Mr. Johnny as his successor and was in a position to mentor Johnny’s Jr. with him, at least owes an explanation as to whether or not he knew about the sexual assault.

He should not be allowed to ignore this issue just because he is not with Johnny’s now. If he is going to continue to work in the entertainment industry, and if he is going to produce boys like Mr. Janney, he should not run away from this issue.

After the death of Mr. Janney, Mr. Takizawa has built “Snow Man” and “SixTONES” into popular groups and succeeded in the worldwide debut of “Travis Japan.” Even though he has left Johnny’s, he still has a great deal of influence over the Jr. members as Johnny’s successor and as a former member of the management,  he must explain his stand on the sexual assault issue.

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