An active nurse grad student reveals her unique concerns! She says, “I don’t work with many men, so my coworkers…” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

An active nurse grad student reveals her unique concerns! She says, “I don’t work with many men, so my coworkers…”

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Her first DVD, “Genki wo kuru Genki Genki suru Genki Nurse” (Take Shobo), released on November 25, 2010, was an exceptionally big hit. The gravure idol Shindo Ayaka, a nurse in active service, made a strong debut, and the Internet responded, “Too sexy,” and “My fantasy is about to explode! and “My fantasy is about to explode!

When we asked this next breakout star about her dual career as a nurse and gravure idol, she told us about her unique problems.

She told us, “I actually work as a nurse specializing in operating rooms at a hospital in Tokyo. At COVID-19 crisis, I was also involved in the call center for the new COVID-19 vaccine and the actual administering of the vaccine. On my days off from my nursing duties, I am allowed to do my Gravure Idol activities.”

Ayaka Kandou attracts attention as an active nurse gradol (Photo by Tatsuya Hayakawa)
From her 1st image DVD “Genki wo kuru Genki Nurse” (Takeshobo)

Kandou is also active as a nurse. When asked by a reporter of this magazine if there was a possibility that she could actually meet him if she went to the hospital, she answered shyly as follows: “If I say I can meet him, then I can meet him.

I can meet them, but I work in the operating room, so basically I am not conscious of the patients (laughs). I sometimes talk with them for about 10 minutes before the anesthesia takes effect, but I wear a hat like a factory and a mask so they can only see my eyes, so even if they could see me, I don’t think they would know it was me (laughs).

(Laughs)” Because of her outstanding style, she is often involved in this kind of conversation at work.

She says that because of her excellent figure, she often has this exchange at work: “Most nurses are women, but maybe because there are few male eyes on me, my coworkers often ask me about my breast size. It’s an extension of the conversation about how stylish I am (laughs). (Laughs.) I tend to fluctuate a lot, but I always answer honestly! However, I haven’t told my colleagues about my gravure activities. …… I’ve been worrying lately about how people around me would react if they found out…… (laughs). But I love my gravure work, so now I want to keep doing it!

Ayaka Kandou boasts of her F-cup body (photo by Tatsuya Hayakawa)
from her 1st image DVD “Genki wo kuru Genki ni Kuru Genjo Nurse” (Takeshobo).

Although she is 23 years old, her weapon of choice is her glossy and glamorous expression. We cannot take our eyes off the birth of a new star.

Click here to see the gravure of this active nurse who made a shocking debut.

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