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Hirano, Yamada, Tamamori…Why TV stations are smiling even though Janidora’s viewer ratings are slumping

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Shiyoh Hirano of “Kimpuri” starring in “Kurosagi” starring Tomohisa Yamashita, a former senior member of Johnny’s.

One of the problems in the world of television these days is that “serial dramas” do not get the numbers they should.

While there are some dramas that sometimes receive explosive viewer ratings, these are a dime a dozen. In the past few years, serial dramas have been in the doldrums across the board, and some have pointed out that they have become “wacko” dramas.

In the midst of all this, a “Johnny’s festival” has been the talk of the town among commercial dramas in the October season, with a whopping eight dramas in one season alone. NHK’s morning drama “Maiagegarete” starring Ren Meguro of “Snow Man NHK’s morning drama “Soar! in which Ren Meguro of Snow Man appears, the total number of dramas has reached nine.

It has been pointed out for some time that serial dramas have been a festival of Johnny’s, but this season is particularly impressive. This is due in no small part to Johnny’s’s vice-president Hideaki Takizawa’s shrewdness.

However, it is not true to say that “all dramas featuring Johnny’s are doing well. However, this is not the case. For example, the drama series featuring Ryosuke Yamada of “Hey! JUMP’s Ryosuke Yamada in the lead role in “Dear Me, with the Intent to Kill” (Fuji TV), for example, started off with a 4.5% viewer rating in its first episode and has remained in the 3% range ever since. The ratings have remained in the 3% range since then.

Kis-My-Ft. 2″ starring Yuta Tamamori (Kis-My-Ft. 2) got a 6.6% rating for its first episode, and has remained in the 6% range since then.

The previously well-received “King & Prince Prince” star Shiyoh Hirano’s “Kurosagi” (TBS) failed to reach the double digits with 9.2% for the first episode. The same drama starred Tomohisa Yamashita in 2006 and averaged 15.7% for all episodes, so it is inevitable that the drama seems to have fallen short, even though it is from a different era.

The first episode of Fuji Television’s “silent,” starring the aforementioned Ren Meguro, averaged 6.4%. The fourth episode (October 27), broadcast with a 90-minute delay due to the Japan Series live broadcast, dropped to 5.2%. According to a drama watcher.

The highest first episode of this season was TV Asahi’s “Partners,” with the return of Yasufumi Terawaki, at 17.3%. However, the number dropped after the second episode, and the third episode, broadcast on October 26, had a 14.2%. Since serial dramas tend to have high first-run ratings, it is extremely difficult for them to recover in the second half of the season.

Despite the “Johnny’s Festival,” the numbers alone were not good enough for any of the dramas. One would think that all the stations would be in shock, but according to a TV insider, “It’s not so much the ratings as it is the distribution of the programs.

Johnny’s is stronger than the ratings. They are able to make enough money there.

The diversification of viewing habits has led to a shift in the TV market.

As viewing habits diversify, more and more people are using distribution services such as TVer. This is where Johnny’s is strong.

The first episode of Ryosuke Yamada’s Fuji drama, which was ridiculed as a “bomb,” was streamed an astonishing 2.2 million times in six days. This is the highest number ever for a “Wednesday 10” drama. This is due in large part to the fact that his fixed fans are repeatedly watching the drama.

Johnny’s s who have their own “fixed base” are very strong and are very useful. Meguro’s “silent” was so popular that it became the No. 1 trending song on Twitter, not only among his fans. Meguro’s “silent” has become a hot topic and has attracted a steady stream of viewers, not only from his fans but also from the Twitter trend.

In fact, it seems likely that “Johnny’s festivals” will be held frequently from next year onward. It has already been confirmed that Ren Nagase of Kimpuri will play a double role with Suzu Hirose in a TBS drama in January next year. It was also reported that Ryosuke Yamada will co-star in a drama next spring with Kanna Hashimoto, the hottest star of the moment.

Meguro’s performance in “silent” is well-received. I hate to say it, but he is attracting attention as the first “actor” to emerge among Johnny’s in a long time. It is expected that they will be competing with each other for the schedule of movies and TV dramas in the future.

It seems that the TV world revolves around Johnny’s… (The ratings are based on Video Research, Kanto area).

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