Jun Matsumoto of Arashi and Mao Inoue: How credible is the “December marriage theory” circulating in the industry? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Jun Matsumoto of Arashi and Mao Inoue: How credible is the “December marriage theory” circulating in the industry?

Entertainment reporter Toshio Ishikawa's "Behind the scenes of that event: ......"

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Will the day come when the “too long spring” comes to an end?

《Entertainment Reporter Toshio Ishikawa’s “Behind the Scenes of That Event: ……》

It has been whispered among industry insiders that Jun Matsumoto of “Arashi” might be getting married to Mao Inoue, a celebrity who has been rumored for some time.

As for the members of “Arashi” who are currently inactive, Kazunari Ninomiya married a former announcer in October of the year before last. In September of this year, Sho Sakurai and Masaki Aiba got married at the same time.

Mr. Sakurai’s partner is Miss Keio and a former TV station employee. Mr. Aiba, on the other hand, is an ordinary woman he had been dating for almost 10 years. Satoshi Ohno is not married yet, but in September, a weekly magazine caught them on a date at Mother Farm in Chiba Prefecture.

And then there’s Mr. Matsumoto.

It was about 15 years ago that rumors began to circulate about a romance between Ms. Matsumoto and Mr. Inoue. They co-starred in the drama “Hana Yori Dango” (TBS). Since then, there have been several reports of a breakup between the two, which they have neither denied nor confirmed.

“There was a time when people around them whispered, “They are definitely getting closer.

There was a time when people around them whispered that they were definitely getting closer. In 2002, they were photographed having dinner together on “FRIDAY”.

However, as their relationship dragged on, more and more news came out that their relationship had come to an end. That’s because there were no more dramas with Johnny’s talents and Ms. Inoue.

Mr. Inoue co-starred with Mr. Ninomiya in the drama “When I Meet You in Heaven” (TBS) broadcasted in 2009, and with Junichi Okada of V6 in the movie “Eien no 0” in 2001. For the next eight years, Mr. Inoue and other celebrities from Johnny’s had not worked together.

But now, suddenly, there is a drama with them. The drama “February Winner” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) is currently airing.

The drama is set in an exam cram school, and Mr. Inoue, who plays a newbie teacher, is co-starring with Mr. Shigeaki Kato of NEWS, who plays a rival teacher. In the background, there is talk that the two are getting married soon.

“Mr. Matsumoto has a good relationship with Mr. Inoue’s family, and the issue of marriage was cleared up a few years ago. The rest is up to Johnny’s, but I think they finally got the go-ahead.” (TV station insider)

Mr. Inoue’s drama series will finish airing by the end of this year. Mr. Matsumoto’s drama series will start in January of this year. And in 2011, she is scheduled to star in the historical drama “What’s up Ieyasu”.

In December, the movie “99.9 – Criminal Lawyer – The Movie” will be released. In all likelihood, their good timing is late December. I think it would be around New Year’s Eve, when the wide screen shows have finished their New Year’s programming. It’s probably because of their work flow that the “marriage theory” came up.

The five members of Arashi, including Ohno, will probably reunite with their wives on the 25th anniversary of Arashi in 2013. This is just a guess on my part, though.

  • Reporting and writing Toshio Ishikawa (Entertainment Reporter)

    Born in Tokyo in 1946. Born in Tokyo in 1946, he has a unique career path, having worked in the advertising department of Shochiku, as a reporter for women's magazines, and as an entertainment reporter. He is currently a regular contributor to "Mentai Wide" (Fukuoka Broadcasting System), "Sumadan" (Yomiuri Television), and Rainbow Town FM.

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