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What “Throwing A Bouquet of Flowers” Gobo Okuno’s Sudden Approach to Sosuke Takaoka Means

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Mr. Takushi Okuno of the “Burdock Party” (left, from the official website of the “Burdock Party”), who attracted attention for his “throwing away a bouquet of flowers” scandal. Recently, he has been fighting together with Sosuke Takaoka (right)…

Takushi Okuno, the leader of the “Gobo no Toryokai” (Gobo’s Party), who was much criticized at the “Cho-RIZIN” martial arts tournament held last month, is very vigorous.

Mr. Okuno was a presenter at the pre-fight ceremony of “Super RIZIN” on September 25 for Mirai Asakura vs. He threw a bouquet of flowers to Mayweather into the ring, causing a firestorm, calling it a “disgrace to Japan.

Later on the same day, Okuno appeared on You Tuber Hikaru’s show and said, “The act I did was not appropriate for that place.

I understand that what I did was not appropriate for the occasion. I would like to apologize on this occasion. I am sorry.”

He bowed his head. However, from this point on, the focus of his apology turned to RIZIN itself….

On the 30th of the same month, Mr. Okuno released an emergency video on YouTube. His relationship with Mayweather goes back to the Tenshin Nasukawa fight four years ago, when he witnessed a situation in which Tenshin’s life might be in danger due to the weight difference between the two fighters.

He said, “Why don’t the adults around him do more to protect him? Although Tenshin was not injured, he might have been unable to fight again. I was angry at the current situation where the organizers, who only look at numbers and the number of views, do not protect the athletes.

He recalled. Mr. Okuno continued, “Only sports can inspire and encourage us.

Sports are the only thing that can give us courage and inspiration. Commercialism cannot be allowed to go too far.

He criticized the players. He found that the focus of his anger was not on Mayweather, but on RIZIN, the organizer of the event.

Mr. Okuno also had “reinforcements. Former actor Sosuke Takaoka.

In 2011, Takaoka made a series of “anti-Korean remarks” over a Fuji Television broadcast and was forced to leave the entertainment industry. In August 2008, he announced his retirement from acting. Last June, he made his debut as a fighter.

On the 27th of last month, Takaoka touched on the “bouquet riot” on Instagram.

He said, “As a Japanese, I’m ashamed. I don’t know how much he is thinking about Japan or not, but when he seems to be pissed off about this bouquet incident, we know another shame of Japan.

He then went on to develop his own theory. He also mentioned that Mayweather was praised for picking up a bouquet of flowers that had been thrown away.

I would like to know how people who can easily say that picking up a bouquet of flowers makes you a good person or a good human being, can really become such a person.

I would like to know the mechanism of how they can really come up with such an idea in a sincere and humble manner. A source who knows what goes on behind the scenes said.

Mr. Okuno was very moved by this post. Mr. Okuno contacted the Takaoka side, and they completely opened up to each other. They shared some of the same patriotic ideas.

Later, Mr. Okuno and Mr. Takaoka released a collaboration video on each other’s YouTube page. In a video on the first of this month, Okuno spoke about the commercialism of RIZIN.

They say I have committed a foolish act in the sacred ring, but let me tell you something. The boxing ring and the RIZIN ring are two different rings. Is this really the right thing to do?

Takaoka said. Takaoka said of Okuno

I want to know that there are people like him, even if it’s just in a corner of my mind. You don’t have to be dyed in the dark. If you try to understand what Mr. Okuno is saying, even a little, you will change the way you spend your time.

Mr. Takaoka defended Mr. Okuno.

Mr. Okuno manages several companies and is reported to have total assets of tens of billions of yen. Takaoka must feel like he has a powerful sponsor both publicly and privately, as he is running for the House of Representatives in three years from now with the Gobo Party and with Mr. Okuno’s backing. There is also a plan for a “real” martial arts tournament to compete with RIZIN, with Okuno’s backing,” said a source close to the matter.

Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the CEO of RIZIN, even got down on his knees over the “bouquet of flowers” issue. Takaoka denounces RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara as “a disgrace to Japan. In a sense, the Japanese martial arts world may be enlivened by the clarification of the axis of rivalry….

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