Yui Aragaki, now a married woman, shows a new frontier as a “healing actress. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yui Aragaki, now a married woman, shows a new frontier as a “healing actress.

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In the midst of filming for a movie to be released next year, passionately playing a cool role that differs from his previous image.

Niigaki walks around in casual clothes with his hands in his pockets. Walking with co-star Kaho and a female student.

A woman walking with an eco-bag from a high-end supermarket slung over her shoulder and her hands shoved into her wide-leg pants. Her shaggy hair style is far from “soothing,” but the transparency of her appearance is clearly visible even from a distance: she is actress Yui Aragaki (35). Next to her is Kaho (32).

It was a sunny afternoon in the rainy season, and in Wadabori Park (Suginami Ward, Tokyo), filming was taking place for the movie “Nikoku Nikki (Diary of a Different Country),” which is scheduled to be released next year. In this scene, the two are walking in the park when Kaho waves her hand toward someone and a female student comes running. Aragaki, the lead actress, plays the role of a 35-year-old novelist.

Media culture critic Hiroyoshi Usui commented, “Aragaki has peeled off her skin after getting married.

She played the role of a free-spirited delusional girl in “Runaway Shame” (TBS), but in “Kimichika Kazama – Kyoujo 0-” (Fuji TV), she successfully played the role of a heavy single mother. I felt her maturity as an adult woman in her down-to-earth performance and rich facial expressions. I think that her marriage and having a family have contributed to her maturity.

While her range of roles has broadened, she has been the subject of several pregnancy scandals. ……

When she attended an event for “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” (NHK) last December, she wore clothes that hid her bodyline, and the topic of conversation turned to “Could she be pregnant? It became a topic of conversation. In February of this year, her commercial contract with Asahi Draft Beer, for which she had been the image model since the reissue, ended. At once, the pregnancy theory surfaced. Two years have passed since the announcement of her marriage, and it would be natural for her to want to have a child. In fact, she has been saving her work and has mentioned raising children in past interviews. However, her acting career is now riding a wave, starring in dramas and movies. It may be just a little while longer before she takes a long break.” (Ad agency insider)

Gakki is a “married woman” who has broken new ground as an actress. We would like to keep an eye on her future life.

A live-action film adaptation of the popular manga “Nikkoku Nikki” (Diary of a Different Country), which has sold more than 1.25 million copies in total. Niigaki plays the lead role of a shy novelist.
Yui Aragaki Yui Aragaki, the “married woman” Gakki, shows a new frontier as an actress with a soothing personality.
Yui Aragaki Yui Aragaki, a married woman, shows a new frontier as a healing actress.
Yui Aragaki Yui Aragaki, a married woman, shows a new frontier as a healing actress.

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