With Kei Komuro passing the bar exam, all eyes are on Prince Akishino’s November “birthday press conference | FRIDAY DIGITAL

With Kei Komuro passing the bar exam, all eyes are on Prince Akishino’s November “birthday press conference

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Kei Komuro passed the New York bar exam for the third time. Mako-san must be delighted…

Just before their first wedding anniversary on October 26, Kei Komuro has been praised for passing the New York bar exam for the third time.

This time, the pass rate for retakers was only 23%. This is because candidates like Mr. Komuro, who prepare for the exam while working at a local law firm, do not have enough time to study.

Moreover, in Mr. Komuro’s case, as Mako’s husband, he is under pressure to pass the exam. Komuro overcame this pressure and passed the exam with flying colors, and it seems that there are voices of congratulations and relief from Japan as well,” said a reporter in charge of the Imperial Household.

At a regular Imperial Household Agency press conference held on March 24, Kenji Ikeda, Deputy Director General of the Agency, commented on Ms. Komuro’s success.

I think that all the efforts that have been made up to now have resulted in a successful outcome. Well, I am happy for her.

I think it’s a good thing. Mr. Komuro must be relieved to finally be able to make his debut as an international lawyer.

It would seem that there is hope for a “restoration” of relations with Princess Akishino, who has decided not to hold a “nosai-no-ki” ceremony, the usual ceremonial betrothal, but a source close to the Akishino family reveals the inside story: “It is not that simple.

Akishino no Miya is scheduled to hold a press conference again this year on her 57th birthday, which is November 30. Since this will mark the one-year anniversary of the marriage of his eldest daughter, Mako, reporters will naturally ask questions about his current feelings toward the couple and about Mr. Komuro’s passing the bar exam. However, they will probably avoid making any specific reference to Ms. Komuro. Or rather, I think they will be close to indifferent.”

For Mr. Komuro, who finally passed the exam on his third attempt, Akishino no doubt did not expect such a curt response from Prince Akishino.

“I am sure that Mr. Komuro is expecting a word of ‘thanks’ or ‘congratulations on passing’ at the press conference where the public will be watching, but I think he will probably give a simple answer,” said Mr. Akishino. This is because His Imperial Highness has never once asked Mr. Komuro to become a high-earning international lawyer.

Rather, he wanted her to work as a paralegal or a legal assistant, or in any other profession, while devising a lifestyle that would allow her to live within her means.

(A source close to the Akishino family said, “If we talk about Mr. Komuro in detail, there is a risk that the topic will become a hot topic on the Internet, and the issue will come back to “flame” again. The main reason, however, is the difference in values between Mr. Akishino and Ms. Komuro.

Mr. Komuro seems to think that passing the exam is a condition for being accepted by His Highness, but that is not the case at all. The unparalleled marriage has cast a dark shadow over the imperial family.

The cause of this is the public’s distrust of the Komuro family due to their debt problems and their sudden departure to study in the U.S. while their engagement was postponed. The situation still continues with bashing of the Akishino family. Under such circumstances, it would be difficult for His Highness to give a word of approval to Mr. Komuro,” said a source in the Imperial Household Agency.

Depending on the content of Prince Akishino’s press conference, Mr. Komuro’s mental state may crumble with a resounding thud.

When asked about her impression of the meeting with Mr. Komuro at last year’s press conference, she answered rather curtly, “There was nothing in particular that left an impression on me. If that is the answer this time as well, I wonder if Mr. Komuro will be discouraged, thinking, ‘No matter what I do, I’ll never be recognized. In the end, even if he passes the examination, I don’t think he will be able to make up for the difference in his thinking with Princess Akishino.

It seems that the distance between Princess Akishino and Mr. Komuro is not closing at all….

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