Fans rejoice at Yuki Uchida’s “too fresh female doctor in white coat and burgundy”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Yuki Uchida’s “too fresh female doctor in white coat and burgundy”!

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Yuki Uchida at a movie event in 2003 (AFLO)

Actress Yuki Uchida has been making a big splash with her “female doctor look” on Instagram. It was released by the official Instagram account of the TV Asahi drama “Doctor X.” It attracted comments such as “Too beautiful,” “Eye candy,” “It’s great,” and “I love it,” and received 22,000 likes! I love her.

Uchida plays the role of Hiromi Jounouchi in the extremely popular series “Doctor X”. Jounouchi is a freelance anesthesiologist who is at odds with the main character, Daimon Michiko (Yonekura Ryoko), a genius freelance surgeon, in the first series, but as the series progresses, the two women develop a bond. As the series progresses, the women develop a bond with each other. As actresses, they have built a relationship of trust, and now “can talk about deep things without hesitation.

In the photo, Uchida is wearing a burgundy medical uniform with a white coat. In the photo, she is dressed in a burgundy medical uniform and white coat, with her hands raised diagonally in a “Y” pose. Next to him are actors Masanobu Katsumura and Kenichi Endo. …… They are also wearing white robes and posing in the Y pose. What the hell is this ……?

The post was actually to announce the October release of the sixth installment of the “Doctor X” spin-off series, “Doctor Y”. “The story of “Doctor Y” centers on Hideki Kaji, a surgeon played by Katsumura, and Katsumura says it’s already a “summer tradition” for him. Like the original “Doctor X,” it is a work that is loved by fans.

Uchida made the following comment about the shooting.

I met Masanobu Katsumura and Kenichi Endo for the first time in a long time, and they were both very excited from the first day, which was different from “Doctor X”. I don’t remember them being this excited. I don’t remember them being this excited. I was thinking, “Was I really this excited?

“This time, Jounouchi-sensei came to cheer up Kaji-sensei, who was looking backward after witnessing the aging process, so it was interesting in that sense as well. In some lines, I felt as if Michiko had taken over the role, so I put a lot of effort into trying to act as if I could bring out the strong female power of the two of them!”

After “Doctor Y,” the latest series of “Doctor X” will be aired. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Uchida this fall!

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