The birth of a child, Kako’s marriage…” Mako Komuro and Kei “timing of return to their hometowns” in the spotlight | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The birth of a child, Kako’s marriage…” Mako Komuro and Kei “timing of return to their hometowns” in the spotlight

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Mako Komuro and Kei are said to have no contact with their parents. The key person is their younger sister, Kako. ……

The possibility that they will return to their hometown for the first time in several years is growing as their living quarters, which were reported to be “missing” at one point, have been found,” said an Imperial Household journalist.

Mako Komuro and Kei moved out of Manhattan, New York, last November, and “Josei Seven” has scooped their current residence. It is about an hour’s drive from the law firm where Kei works, and is said to be a bedroom community popular with families.

The rent is about 500,000 yen, and security is said to be excellent, with a 24-hour concierge on hand. Most of the residents are families, and it is said to be a popular condominium with a barbecue in the common area, a fitness studio, and a heated swimming pool,” said a reporter in charge of the imperial family.

At the same time, he reportedly works twice a month now, and since he does most of his work remotely, he probably has no particular problem with being far from his place of work.

There is a big reason why he moved all the way to a safe, family-oriented property.

Mako, who will turn 33 this year, is said to be conducting a full-fledged pregnancy drive. She is probably making preparations to welcome her new family.

Two and a half years have passed since their marriage, which was so unprecedented that Prince Akishino, the father of the couple, described it as “unprecedented. Kei’s work is on track, and the “child project” is finally underway. On the other hand, if they were to have a child, the possibility of their returning to Japan would increase.

For Prince and Princess Akishino, it would be their “first grandchild,” and for the Emperor and the Queen, it would be their “great-grandchild. Mako is not in contact with her parents at present, but her grandmother Michiko was very fond of her as “grandmother.

I am sure that she would have loved to show her child to her grandmother. Since it would be impractical for Michiko to travel to the U.S., it would be appropriate for Mako to return to Japan with the child.

(A former Imperial Household journalist) “There is another reason why Mako has no choice but to return to Japan,” says an official of the Imperial Household Agency.

A source in the Imperial Household Agency says, “There are rumors that her younger sister Kako, who will turn 30 this year, is about to get married. Princess Eugene will come of age this year, and even though the number of members of the Imperial Family is decreasing, she is fulfilling her duties as the Princess of the Inner Family. There is a strong view that this is a rush of official duties before her marriage.”

Kako’s marriage will be an “anniversary” that Mako cannot ignore.

When Kako’s wedding is decided, if the related events are held as is customary for the Imperial Family, a wedding reception will be held in Japan. Mako, who is so close to Kako that she is called her “best friend,” will naturally want to celebrate Kako’s big day in person.

She will probably return to Japan for the first time in several years with her children, and will be reunited with Michiko and Kako. It could be as early as the end of this year. However, I am not sure if Kei will be present at that event. ……

The two married and came to the U.S. in search of freedom, but it seems that their ties to the imperial family are inseparable.

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