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Kei Komuro is a “Hero? Pimp Man?” How the world is reporting on your marriage and the turmoil

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On October 18, Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, and Kei Komuro met again for the first time in three and a half years at Akasaka Imperial Palace.

On October 26, the two will finally get married. In the afternoon of the same day, a press conference was held at a hotel in Tokyo. Reporters from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan were also allowed to attend.

How is their marriage being reported overseas? Here is a summary by country and some interesting facts.

The New York Times, a leading newspaper in New York City, where Mr. Komuro and Princess Mako are expected to live, reported on the marriage in a flash report.

The New York Times, the leading newspaper in the U.S., where Mr. Komuro and Princess Mako are expected to live, reported the marriage in its breaking news and then reported favorably, saying, “Mr. Komuro has been struggling to dispel the public view that he is in it for the money.

It was a favorable report. Page Six, the entertainment website of the New York Post gossip paper, reported, “The Japanese version of Prince Henry and Princess Meghan, who left the British royal family and emigrated to the United States, has been widely reported.

“Page Six, the entertainment website of the gossipy New York Post, reported, “It’s the Japanese version of Prince Henry and Princess Meghan!

Mako is living in New York.

Will Mako be chased by paparazzi when she starts her life in New York? Many people have the same image and impression of Prince Henry and Meghan.

The site reported. The site also reported that gallery officials in New York are preparing to introduce Mako to a new job.

The Independent, an upscale newspaper in the U.K., ran a feature under the headline “Who is Kei Komuro? The Independent ran a feature under the headline “Who is Kei Komuro? When their engagement was announced in ’17, it was ridiculed as “the perfect couple. After that, it introduced the fact that the marriage had hit a snag due to the financial troubles of Komuro’s mother, Kayo, and that Mako had been diagnosed with complicated PTSD.

Some people criticized his ponytail, questioning whether it was an appropriate hairstyle to marry a member of the royal family.


In China, a unique expression is noticeable. In China, a man who was born into a poor rural family, but who has worked hard to get a job at a difficult university or a prestigious company in the city, is called a “phoenix man,” a reference to Chinese mythology. This expression seems to overlap with Mr. Komuro’s, and the Chinese media “Net Yi” reported

The “Phoenix Man” will eventually become the Park King’s son-in-law (the husband of the princess), but it will be difficult to win the approval of the people around him.

The Chinese media reported. The Chinese media outlet “网易” reported that “Phoenix Man will eventually become the son-in-law of the princess, but it will be difficult to get the approval of those around him.

On the other hand, “Tencent” published an article titled “Soft rice man exposes the inner workings of the royal family. The “soft rice man” is what is commonly known as a pimp.

I wonder what the man who ate the most soft rice in Japan will say at the press conference on the 26th.

He concluded.

In addition, there are many articles analyzing Japanese culture and national character, rather than the marriage of Mako and Komuro.

“The Hankyoreh featured an article titled “What Mako’s Marriage Means. It reported that many Japanese people are opposed to the marriage.

“Perhaps it’s because this is an imperial marriage that doesn’t exist in Korea, but there are many aspects that are difficult to understand.
The expression “a perfect imperial family” seemed very distant from the real world we live in now.

The media then went on to describe their honest feelings. The media then predicted that the marriage of the two would be a major turning point for the Imperial Family.

If Japan and the Imperial Family continue to turn their backs on the changing times, they will be forced to face a crisis of a different dimension. It is highly likely that Prince Mako is the beginning of this.

The Chosun Ilbo concludes.

“The Chosun Ilbo reported that Mako has been diagnosed with PTSD.

The Chosun Ilbo said that Mako’s diagnosis of PTSD was due to the fact that the Japanese public’s cold stare directed at Kei Komuro has remained unchanged.

The Chosun Ilbo pointed out the problem with the riot. “The “Asian Economy” also reported that she suffered from PTSD due to public criticism.

The Korean newspaper Jiji Journal also predicted what would happen after the couple moved to the United States. It described the 150 million yen lump-sum payment that Princess Mako turned down as a “classy maintenance fee.

If Princess Mako donates the lump sum to live in the U.S., there is concern that she will expose various scandals in the Japanese Imperial Family, just like the British couple Prince Henry and Princess Meghan.

I predicted. There is no doubt that the media around the world is paying attention to this marriage, but how will the world react to the marriage and press conference on the 26th?

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