Intriguing Reason Why Prince Henry Come to Japan to Attend an Event Hosted by a New Religion Guru “Toshu Fukami” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Intriguing Reason Why Prince Henry Come to Japan to Attend an Event Hosted by a New Religion Guru “Toshu Fukami”

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Prince Henry and Mr. Fukami (left) chat with participants. Prince Henry was always surrounded by a large number of participants during the party.

At the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, one of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo, a party was being held with a glamorous group of people. As I looked closely, I saw Prince Henry, 38, who has left the British royal family.

He was in Japan from August 8 to 10 to participate in the “ISPS Power of Sports Special Summit” organized by the International Sports Promotion Society, chaired by Haruhisa Handa, 72, aka Toshu Fukami, the founder of the new religion “World Mate” (sports newspaper reporter).

After the summit, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight, the Prince and the others went directly to the Ritz-Carlton. They went to the party as described at the beginning of this article. At the venue, they appeared friendly, smiling as they took commemorative photos with the participants.

However, despite his smiling face, the prince’s life is not so bright. Mikiko Taga, a journalist with extensive knowledge of the British royal family, commented, “Prince Henry’s spending and living expenses are not very good.”

Prince Henry’s expenses and living costs, including security and legal fees, are said to total 700 million yen a year. It may sound harsh, but since leaving the royal family, the prince has had a string of business failures and has not been able to generate any money, so he seems to be at a financial standstill.

“Although the prince’s visit to Japan is for charity and no honorarium is being offered, the association said that the prince’s participation in the summit is because “Handa and the prince have known each other for 10 years and have a personal connection,” and it is believed that the prince is making connections with people for his future business development.

It has been three years since he and Princess Meghan left the royal family. The prince must be keenly aware that he was naive to think that he could continue his celebrity life.

Prince Henry’s no-fee visit to Japan is also being called the precipice of a celebrity life.
Prince Henry’s no-fee visit to Japan also brings whispers of the precipice of celebrity life
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Prince Henry: “The precipice of celebrity life” whispered about even after his no-fee visit to Japan.

From the September 1, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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