Fuji’s Reimi Tsutsumi is Being Eyed by Entertainment Professionals as She Approaches the Age of 30 | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fuji’s Reimi Tsutsumi is Being Eyed by Entertainment Professionals as She Approaches the Age of 30

More than Kuji, maybe even more than Katopan," said Reimi Tsutsumi, who gave an outstanding performance on "Rough & Music.

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It is a late afternoon in September. Walking along a main street in central Tokyo is Reimi Tsutsumi, 28, an announcer at Fuji Television Network. She was probably on her way home from Mezamashi 8, carrying a large eco-bag and listening to music with her smartphone in one hand.

She was walking along a busy boulevard in the heart of Tokyo. She was probably on her way home from shopping, carrying a large light blue eco-bag.

Tsutsumi, who was a reader model for “non-no” magazine when she was a student, is well-known for her beauty, but her photobook to be released in October has gained a lot of attention.

It is said to be a stepping stone for Tsutsumi to become a freelance photographer.

(Sports paper reporter) As she approaches the age of 30, which is said to be the “appropriate age” to become a freelancer, it is not surprising that those around her are in an uproar, but female TV announcer critic Daijiro Maruyama has the following view.

“Her sharp, orthodox looks are exactly to St. Force’s liking. I’m sure she will attract a lot of interest from other companies. However, I think that the photo book is a strategic move by the station to keep her from quitting. If Yumi Nagashima and others take maternity leave, there is a good chance that Tsutsumi will be chosen as their replacement.”

On the other hand, there are many people who are looking forward to her becoming a freelancer.

She has been surprisingly highly praised for her stable announcing skills on “Mezamashi 8” and “Minna no KEIBA.” I would like to see her not only as a female announcer, but also as a model and actress. In terms of evaluation, she is sure to surpass Akiko Kuji, who went freelance a step ahead of her, and perhaps even reach the level of Ayako Kato.

Will the time come when she becomes a freelancer and shows even more brilliance?

Fuji’s Reimi Tsutsumi will soon reach the appropriate age to become a freelancer, much to the delight of entertainment industry executives.

From the September 30 and October 7, 2022 issues of “FRIDAY”.

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