Playback ’14] My father was more conspicuous than me! Fuji’s Yumi Nagashima’s photo at the ceremony with her parents. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Playback ’14] My father was more conspicuous than me! Fuji’s Yumi Nagashima’s photo at the ceremony with her parents.

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The Nagashima family makes the greeting rounds after the initiation ceremony. On the far left is Mrs. Nagashima (April 25, ’14 issue).

What did “FRIDAY” report 10, 20, and 30 years ago? In “Playback Friday,” we take a look back at the topics that were hot at the time. This time, we bring you the article “Former Japanese national soccer team member Akihiro Nagashima and his beautiful eldest daughter Yumi Nagashima’s entrance ceremony at Fuji Television Network,” which appeared in the April 25, 2002 issue 10 years ago.

Today, Yumi Nagashima (22 at the time) is one of Fuji Television’s leading announcers. However, at the time of her initiation ceremony, her father Akihiro (then 50), a former member of the Japanese national soccer team who had appeared on “FNN Super News” since 2002, was of course better known. Some even asked, “Did he have connections? Some even asked, “Did he join the company because of his connections? The following is a picture of the father’s appearance at his daughter’s initiation ceremony. As one would expect, there were not many newcomers who were accompanied by their parents, and Mr. Akihiro, being a celebrity, seemed to stand out. The article at the time introduced his comments as follows

Joining a company with connections? I don’t have that kind of power.

It may seem strange for parents to attend an initiation ceremony, but Fuji had asked me to have my parents attend the ceremony as well. I am a sportscaster for “Super News” (Fuji TV), and my daughter didn’t seem to have any particular resistance. We have dinner at their home in Kobe on weekdays, and that’s the general nature of our relationship. Joining a company with connections? I don’t have that kind of power. I never said to him, “My daughter is going to be in your care. However, when I received the job offer, my co-stars congratulated me and said, “Congratulations!

On April 1, about 20 newcomers attended Fuji Television’s induction ceremony in Odaiba, Tokyo. Among them, Akihiro and his eldest daughter, Yumi, were the most conspicuous.

After the ceremony, Akihiro was busy greeting the new employees and other concerned parties, pecking his way through the crowd. His appearance was conspicuous only because he was a celebrity. When asked, “What did you talk about with your daughter? Akihiro answered as follows.

I told her, ‘This is a tough world where mistakes are not allowed, so you have to work harder than anyone else. I told her not to bite in the performance like I did. You may become friends with celebrities or be pampered by those around you. I want you to work with self-awareness.

Akihiro gave encouragement to his daughter, citing the fact that he often bites his comments on TV programs and is often made fun of for it. Will he be interviewed “with” his daughter in the future?

At this point, Yumi has the image of being “Akihiro Nagashima’s daughter,” but in fact, she was formerly “Miss Kwansei Gakuin” and a student reporter, and she had been offered a position at TV Asahi. In fact, Yumi was said to be “the biggest newcomer since Katopan. In September of the same year, Yumi became an information caster for Mezamashi TV, a gateway to success for female Fuji TV announcers. She became the main anchor in April 2004, and in April 2009, she took over as the new anchor of “Toku-Dane! In April 2009, she became the main anchor of “Mezamashi 8,” a new program that took over from “Information Presenter Toku Dane!

In her personal life, she married a Fuji Television employee one year older than her in 2009. In January 2012, she reported the birth of her first child, a girl, on her Instagram, and is currently on maternity leave. When he introduced this news on “Mezamashi 8,” Akihiro commented, “She’s so cute. She has nice legs, by the way,” he commented from his typical athlete’s point of view.

His daughter, who was a new employee 10 years ago, became an ace analyst before he knew it, and now she is a mother ……. It was a father-daughter shot of the initiation ceremony, which made one feel that “a decade and a lifetime has passed.

Nagashima had been attending an announcing school since she was in her first year of college, aiming to become an announcer. She told those around her that she grew up watching her father’s serious back (April 25, ’14 issue).

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