The new regime of Nihon University has begun… The mansion of “Tanaka’s close aide” has been “provisionally seized”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The new regime of Nihon University has begun… The mansion of “Tanaka’s close aide” has been “provisionally seized”.

At a press conference, new Chancellor Mariko Hayashi expressed her desire to reform Nihon University, saying, "I want to do something a little surprising. We caught a behind-the-scenes look at the moves toward a claim for damages against Don Tanaka and others.

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Former board chairman Tanaka out in casual clothing (photo taken in April of this year). The new president Hayashi is attracting attention as to whether he will be able to completely break away from the previous president’s regime.

I can’t tell you yet what the ‘real squad’ will be doing, but I’d like to try something a little surprising with the team,” he said.

On June 3, author Mariko Hayashi, the new chancellor of Nihon University, expressed her enthusiasm for the “revitalization of Nihon University” at a press conference.

Nihon University is in the midst of various reforms aimed at breaking away from the “Tanaka System” of former Chancellor Hidetoshi Tanaka, the “Don of Nihon University. Chancellor Hayashi has initiated a series of new initiatives, including the appointment of nine women to the 24-member Board of Trustees. In the midst of all this, this magazine caught an exclusive glimpse of one of the reforms that we believe is part of the “somewhat surprising things” being promoted by Chancellor Hayashi.

The “Nihon University case” in which former board member Tadao Inokuchi was arrested and indicted on charges of breach of trust over the reconstruction of Nihon University Itabashi Hospital and the introduction of medical equipment, and former chancellor Tanaka was charged with violating the Income Tax Law by evading approximately 52 million yen in taxes. The impact of this incident was larger than expected. The impact of the incident has been greater than expected, and has not only damaged the “Nihon University brand,” but has pushed the university to the brink of extinction.

Former Chancellor Tanaka did not appeal the case, and the first trial decision was final (one year in prison, three years suspended, and a fine of 13 million yen). On the other hand, former board member Inokuchi is in a position to contest the indictment.

No date has been set for the first trial, but if former board member Inokuchi, who has been called “Chancellor Tanaka’s closest aide,” stands in court, the University of Japan will once again attract public attention.

In addition to his name recognition, Mr. Hayashi was chosen as chancellor because he has no ties to the Tanaka regime. At an extraordinary meeting of the board of trustees last December, Nihon University decided to file a claim for damages against Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Inokuchi. The reason for the claim for damages was explained in detail in the measures to prevent recurrence submitted to the Ministry of Education in April of this year, and the university reiterated its intention to “completely eliminate the influence” of the two men. Mr. Hayashi, who has no ties to the university, must have decided that he could carry out the policy.

Following the measures taken in April to prevent a recurrence, a “special investigation committee to uncover misconduct” headed by the former deputy chief of the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office was also established in August. Nichidai intends to thoroughly pursue the responsibility of both men.

No decision has yet been made on a claim for damages. However, it appears that the university has already been laying the groundwork behind the scenes for a claim for damages. The former board member’s home in the Kansai region of Japan has been provisionally seized by Nichi-Dai.

The former board member’s home is a three-story mansion located in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, one of the most exclusive residential areas in the Kansai region.

The garage is said to be lined with Ferraris, Porsches, and other luxury sports cars,” said a Nihon University alumnus.

A check of the registry shows that the Tokyo District Court ordered the “provisional attachment” of the house on August 15 of this year, with Nichi-Dai as the creditor.

It is said that the Tokyo District Court ordered “provisional attachment” of the property in his name on August 15 this year, as a creditor of Nihon University. If they change the name, it will be legally difficult to foreclose provisionally. We can sense the seriousness of Nichidai.

It can be said that this is a strategy to prevent resale by putting a “provisional foreclosure” on the property in the owner’s name.

This magazine interviewed Nihon University regarding the reason for the “provisional foreclosure” on former board member Inokuchi’s home, the amount of damages claimed against both Inokuchi and Tanaka, and the timing of the lawsuit. The Nihon University public relations department responded as follows.

We are currently investigating and preparing for the claim for damages, but we are unable to provide further details.

The former director of Nihon University expressed his hope for the future.

In our opinion, the amount of money that Chancellor Tanaka and his close associate, former board member Inokuchi, who privatized the university for five terms and 13 years, took from the university is not more than several billions of yen. We do not know how much the damages will be, but it is difficult to recover the full amount no matter how much “provisional attachment” is made. However, we will make them pay the money and clarify where the responsibility for the incident lies. I think that will lead to a complete break with them and be the true start of the revitalization of Nichidai.”

I believe that if decent people do decent things, this university can be revitalized.”

These statements at the press conference convey Chancellor Hayashi’s passionate thoughts. I have high expectations for his skills.

Chanko restaurant in Asagaya, Tokyo, run by former Chancellor Tanaka’s wife. The restaurant was not provisionally seized, probably because it is in the name of Mrs. Tanaka.
  • Photo Shinji Hasuo

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