Teruyuki Kagawa is in Big Trouble Even if He Comes Back Because His Quirky Roles Have Been Ruined | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Teruyuki Kagawa is in Big Trouble Even if He Comes Back Because His Quirky Roles Have Been Ruined

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Teruyuki Kagawa, whose entertainment activities are in dire straits as commercials are canceled.

Actor Teruyuki Kagawa is in big trouble.

Due to the “sexual assault” report on a Ginza hostess in the Weekly Shincho newspaper, Teruyuki Kagawa, the TBS morning show “THE TIME,” for which he served as Friday morning MC, has been canceled. He was asked to appear on the September 2 broadcast of “THE TIME,” a TBS morning show in which he was the Friday morning MC. He made a VTR appearance on the September 2 broadcast of the same program and said, “Of course, the people involved are my friends.”

I apologize to all the people who have been involved in my life up to now, not to mention the people concerned, and to all the people I have made feel uncomfortable.

He bowed his head.

The commercials are also in danger of being wiped out.

Toyota Motor Corporation had used Kagawa as the editor-in-chief of its on-demand media “Toyotimes,” but stopped airing commercials, and his contract expired at the end of the year. Arinamin Pharmaceuticals, which had used Kagawa as the character for its “Arinamin EX Plus Alpha” commercials, also announced the expiration of his contract.

Toyo Suisan, which has been using the character for “QTTA” cup noodles, also announced the expiration of its contract at the beginning of September. Saison Automobile & Fire Insurance Co. Suntory Ltd. for “Perfect Suntory Beer” will also not use the ad in the future. Optage, which provides the Kansai Electric Power Group’s “eo Hikari” optical broadcasting service, will also replace its commercials and advertisements.

Kincho, the company behind “Gokiburi Muender,” is said to be considering how to proceed, but the results are expected to be harsh.

” actor’s image has been completely tarnished by one episode after another related to his drinking habits. Until now, the price of one commercial for a top-class actor was 50-60 million yen, but with this latest fiasco, the price has been reduced to less than half, or even no price at all” (source from an advertising agency).

The Shincho, published on the 1st of January, also carried a terrifying photo of Kagawa, titled “The devil’s face.” The scene of Kagawa grabbing a hostess by the head with a fearless smile on his face could easily be mistaken for a scene from a TV drama.

“I don’t know the details of how the picture was taken, but it takes time and money to set the hostess’s hair, and it’s not right to do something to it without seeming to feel bad about it.”

“According to what I have heard, Kagawa messes up the hair of other hostesses, too. It may be some kind of habit.”

Kagawa has a unique acting style that has been described as a “facial trick,” and he has left a strong presence in such roles as Executive Director Satoru Owada in the popular drama series “Hanzawa Naoki” and Yukio Tonegawa in the movie “Kaiji.” Many believe that even if he cannot act in commercials or TV dramas, which are subject to the wishes of sponsors, he could still do well in movies and Internet dramas, but this time, his “strong-acting” may come out the wrong way, according to a senior executive of an entertainment professional. According to a senior executive of an entertainment company, “The actor has more ‘quirks’ than the main character.

He has been playing roles that have more “quirks” than the main character, and when a commotion like this happens, he becomes out of sync with the actual character, making it difficult to use him. For example, it is difficult to offer the role of a drug addict to an actor who has been caught for drugs.

Mr. Kagawa is not only a sexual harasser, but has also been the subject of reports of power harassment and violence. It has become difficult to offer him a quirky role in the future.

In other words, it will be difficult for him to play high-pressure, boorish characters like Executive Director Owada and Tonegawa in the future. This is a major detriment to Kagawa’s value as an actor.

He is known for his “stinky acting,” and it has been getting worse every year. He knows that his performances are popular, so he keeps changing them up.

On the set of “Hanzawa Naoki,” I made a special effort not to laugh during the scenes with Mr. Kagawa. Then, when the OK was given and the footage was checked, everyone, including Masato Sakai, would laugh hysterically. It looks like we won’t be able to do that anymore.

Kagawa is said to have always been a good actor and could act quietly, but that was not what viewers were looking for these days. How will Kagawa, who had his wings ripped off, make a comeback as an actor?

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