Aoi Harada, a candidate for Fuji’s next ace, shows her big smile under the blazing sun. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aoi Harada, a candidate for Fuji’s next ace, shows her big smile under the blazing sun.

The "fastest ever" debut on Mezamashi TV! Fuji Television's promising "big newcomer" was spotted in Odaiba.

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Harada Anna, who covers the popular “Coco Chou” corner on “Mezamashi TV

On July 22, the first day of “Odaiba Adventure King,” Fuji Television’s first major summer event in 15 years, was held. Amid the throng of participants, a woman in a yellow T-shirt and white skirt stood out. She was Aoi Harada, 23, a first-year announcer at Fuji Television. She graduated from “Sakurazaka 46” last August. She is the only female announcer among this year’s newcomers, and has been active at Fuji since April. A Fuji insider said, “She is the only female announcer from the SAKAMIDO group.

Speaking of announcers from the Sakamichi group, there is Reina Ichiraki, 27, of Nippon Television Network Corporation and Chiharu Saito, 26, of TV Asahi. Both are in the news field, but both are very popular in the signboard class. Two years ago, we hired a former female professional Go player, Beni Takemata (25), but she is not as popular as Ichiki and her colleagues. Expectations for Harada are high.

Amidst all the attention and expectations, Harada made her “fastest debut ever” on “Mezamashi TV” in July.

Mezamashi TV is Fuji Television’s top-ranked information program, and the MC is called the “face of the morning. The fact that Harada was appointed to this position is a sign of the TV network’s intention to promote her. Although her announcing skills are still in their infancy, she reads the scripts carefully and understands them well. He has a good reputation among the staff for being easy to work with because he has no strange pride.

Will she continue on her path to becoming the next Fuji Television ace? We can’t take our eyes off of Harada’s success.

Undaunted by the heat, she is jumping!
Walking shoulder to shoulder with Tsutsumi Anna under a single parasol
We were working hard, despite the intense sunlight, and couldn’t let go of our parasols!
I got the shaved ice I had been longing for! Mizuki Sano, 51, was buying it for her.
Tsutsumi and Harada chatting while waiting in line at the shaved ice store.
After finishing work, he took his luggage out of the location bus and headed back to the station. Good night!
  • PHOTO. Kumataro Arai, Keitaro Nakagawa

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