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Ryohei Suzuki’s Stoic Side as a Great Actor was Evident on the Set

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Suzuki chatting with the staff. He showed no signs of fatigue and responded with a smile to an interview on “King’s Brunch” (TBS) during a break in filming.

An emergency rescue vehicle (ER car) arrived at the scene where parasols and tables had collapsed and smoke was burning. Out of the back of the car jumped Ryohei Suzuki (39), Ayami Nakajo (25), and others, all dressed in their uniforms.

The drama series “TOKYO MER” is a hit drama series that aired last summer and recorded the highest viewer rating of 19.5%. Preparations are steadily underway for a movie version scheduled for release next year.

The film depicts MER team members who rush to the scene of disasters and incidents in an ER car, a large vehicle equipped with the latest medical equipment and operating rooms. On this day, the crew was filming the scene of rushing to the scene of a disaster.

When the cut is made, the troopers return to get into the vehicle again. Perhaps they were not satisfied with their performance. Suzuki mumbled his lines alone during the short walk to the vehicle, moving his hands and facial expressions to simulate the scene. His stoicism is also known for his weight gain and loss, which is comparable to that of a Hollywood actor.

“When he played the role of Takamori Saigo in the NHK historical drama “Saigo-don,” he weighed nearly 100 kg. For the role of Takamori’s death due to illness in the TBS drama “The Emperor’s Chef,” he lost weight to the 50kg range. I think he even enjoys pushing himself for each role. He must love his job as an actor more than anything else,” said columnist Takahiko Kageyama.

In the film version, Anne (36) plays a doctor who is in conflict with Suzuki. Their heated battle is also worth watching.

Unpublished photograph of Ryohei Suzuki: The stoic side of the actor who plays a major role in a movie he stars in.

From the September 9, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

  • Photo by Yusuke Kondo

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