Erika Toda, Kiyohara… 19 celebrities showed their “laughing faces” when interviewed directly. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Toda, Kiyohara… 19 celebrities showed their “laughing faces” when interviewed directly.

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This is “Friday.”

This magazine has interviewed several thousand celebrities. The “real faces” they revealed upon sudden visits by reporters varied widely.

Erika Toda (34), Ryo Narita (28)
Their love affair was revealed in a fender bender with a reporter’s car (October 27, 2005 issue).

Right: Toda handled the accident on behalf of Narita immediately after the accident, with the vehicle inspection certificate and other documents in hand. When a reporter handed him a business card, he was surprised but smiled. Left: On the other hand, Narita, who was driving, looked anxious from start to finish. He held his mouth with both hands and answered the police officer’s questions in a muffled voice.

For example, Erika Toda (34) and Ryo Narita (28) were scooped on a drive date in October 2005. Their passionate love affair was sparked by a fender-bender with a Harikomi vehicle.

A Volvo driven by Narita collided with the magazine’s vehicle, which was in the process of covering another case in Tokyo. When the reporter revealed his identity, Toda replied, “Ahahaha! That’s amazing! Toda showed his chivalrous spirit and laughed it off. Narita, on the other hand, stood next to Toda and murmured in a muffled voice, “Wow …….

In April of this year, Sairi Ito (28) showed a divine response. As soon as she was directly confronted, she burst out laughing, “Ha-ha-ha! and burst out laughing. She responded in a friendly manner from start to finish. After the interview, Ito said, “In the cold. Thank you very much. Thank you for your hard work. The next day, she explained the situation on SNS. The next day, she explained the situation on SNS and expressed her honest feelings, saying, “I hope you will watch over me warmly.

Unexpected guests sometimes intrude. In November 2005, I visited the home of jockey Yutaka Take, 53, and was asking him about his secret meeting with a female newscaster when the front door opened and his wife, Akira Sano, 53, appeared. She pulled her husband’s arm, who was looking very hesitant, and showed him a peace sign, saying, “Please take a picture of the two of us.

Here are 19 memorable “real” faces.

Yutaka Take (53), Akira Sano (53)
Tajitaka was flustered by his wife’s intrusion (November 24, 2005 issue).

When Takeshi said, “No, she is a friend, not an adulteress,” Mrs. Quantum quipped, “You have to talk to her properly. The scene was chaotic.

Yutaka Take (53) and Quantum Sano (53) were flustered by his wife’s intrusion (November 24, ’17 issue).

Ryuta Horai (46) and Sairi Ito (28)
Laughing at their first direct interview (April 29, 2010 issue)

Directly after enjoying dinner at a reasonably priced sushi restaurant. When I told them that I was filming their entire relationship, they both said in unison, “Wow! .

Ryuta Horai (46) and Sairi Ito (28) burst out laughing at their first direct interview (April 29, ’22 issue).

Kaname Yahagi (50) and Hiroya Yamazaki (46)
Zakiyama appears as Yazima (Oct. 16, ’15 issue)

When I directly asked Yahagi about his trip to Scandinavia with his office worker girlfriend, Zakiyama, who happened to be standing next to him, got involved in a high-tension situation.

Kaname Yahagi (50) Hiroya Yamazaki (46) Zakiyama appeared as Yazima (October 16, ’15 issue)

Gekidan Hitori (45)
Gekidan Hitori (45) talked by himself for 20 minutes in a park (March 21, 2008 issue).

When asked directly about living together with Osawa Akane (37), Gekidan Hitori invited the reporter to a nearby park and began to sit down to talk about it, saying, “I knew it would come one day.

Gekidan Hitori (45): “Talking alone” for 20 minutes in a park (March 21, 2008 issue)

Eiko Kano (40)
A junior comedian celebrated with alcohol (June 25, 2009 issue).

Kano, who professes, “I’ve been photographed on Friday as if it were a serial story,” is no stranger to direct interviews. When he was directly hit in the marriage, a junior comedian came to the scene with alcohol.

Eiko Kano (40): A junior comedian brought alcohol to congratulate him (June 25, ’21 issue)

Com eye (30)
Posing “Acha~” in full off mode (July 22, ’16 issue)

When asked about living together with her creator, she pauses mysteriously, “I should have worn proper makeup!” and a mysterious pose. Two years later, when we asked about her love affair with another man, she had a reporter help her move out of the house. He is a man of his own pace.

Komuai (30) poses “Acha~” in complete off mode (July 22, ’16 issue).

Kazuhiro Kiyohara (55)
Kicking back in short sleeves on his way home from Ginza in the middle of winter! (November 22, 2002 issue)

The “regular” reporter for this magazine. He used to glare at reporters, but on this day, he was in a good mood at the Japan Series victory celebration party. After this, he boarded a Harikomi car.

Kazuhiro Kiyohara (55), kicking it in short sleeves on his way home from Ginza in the middle of winter! (November 22, ’02 issue)

Hanshin Tigers players
A “direct shot” in reverse during a victory celebration (October 21, 2005 issue).

This is the Hanshin V-Nine. As soon as they saw this reporter, Osamu Hamanaka (44), Atsushi Fujimoto (44), and Takashi Toritani (41) (from left to right) were photographed in reverse.

Hanshin Tigers players were photographed in reverse during the victory party (October 21, 2005).

Yuuki Kawauchi (35)
Surprised by a direct hit at an altitude of 2,486 meters (July 12, 2001 issue)

Kawauchi was training to run up Mt. Nantai for the World Championships in Athletics, and when we shot him at the top of the mountain, he laughed loudly and said, “I’ve never been this far up! He laughed out loud.

Yuuki Kawauchi (35) was surprised by the direct hit at an altitude of 2,486 meters (July 12, 2001 issue).

Ikuhiro Kiyota (36)
On discovering the affair for the second time, he said, “Oh, my God. Ahh” (June 4, ’21 issue)

Kiyota, who had been suspended for three and a half months for his affair at the COVID-19 crisis, had an affair with another woman immediately after his return. In front of a reporter who directly interviewed him, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s over now.

Ikuhiro Kiyota (36): Upon the revelation of his second affair, he said, “Oh, my God. Ah.” (June 4, ’21 issue)

From the September 2, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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