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The complete version: Issei Takahashi and Marie Iide, a big couple with a 17-year age difference, are born!

Scoop! They first met in the NHK drama "Kishibe Rohan ha Mukonunai" (Kishibe Rohan is Unmoving)

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Takahashi (right) returns home to his townhouse at around 6:30 p.m. in early July. A hat and mask are his essential items. On a different day from the photo on the right, Iide returned home in the pickup truck (left). Takahashi also resides in this townhouse.

Among the many works in which Issei Takahashi (41) has appeared, the special drama “Kishibe Rohan wa Mukonenai” (NHK), which was broadcast at the end of 2008 and 2009, is particularly unique. The drama series “Kishibe Rohan wa Moteki” (NHK) aired at the end of 2008 and 2009. A spin-off of the popular comic “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” Takahashi’s Rohan Kishibe is a psychic manga artist with an eccentric personality and eccentric hair style. It has been said that it would be difficult to make a live-action version of Rohan, but this is the one that Takahashi has found the right fit for.

Marie Iide (24) showed her presence in the role of the capricious female editor who is pushed around by this “Takahashi Rohan. The interaction between the two was one of the main reasons why the film attracted so much attention.

They were a great duo during the filming,” said Iide. Iide is a health-conscious person who goes to bed early and gets up early, never misses a morning walk, and makes miso soup with homemade miso made from mashed soybeans. (Laughs.) “Between takes, the two would discuss lines, chat, and laugh, showing that they were in tune with each other.

The stoic Takahashi learned his lines and movements a month in advance before going on set. Iide was drawn to Takahashi’s dependable advice as a senior actor with 32 years of experience in the field, and the two became closer as filming progressed.

During the filming of the second drama last fall, Mariye was feeling down with a stomachache, and for some reason, Issei asked her, “Would you like to dance with me? She said happily, ‘Yes! She happily replied, ‘Yes! and the two of them danced to the Oklahoma Mixer. The staff was taken aback by her outlandish behavior, just like Rohan (laughs). Later, when the drama was cranked up, Mariie moved into Issei’s apartment,” said a source involved in the program.

The two, who were 17 years apart in age, had become partners in private life as well. In the film, they were portrayed as characters with opposite personalities, but in reality, Takahashi and Iide are said to be on the same wavelength in many ways.

Both Takahashi and Iide are good cooks. Both of them don’t eat out very often and often go home after work to cook for themselves. As for social networking, Takahashi is not interested in social networking, and Iide does not post anything other than advertising her work. She often plays the role of a young girl of today, but I think she really has a calm personality and is comfortable as a dating partner. It seems that they are now spending time at Ms. Takahashi’s house while renting separate rooms in the same apartment,” (Iide’s acquaintance).

On a certain day in August, we directly interviewed Iide after work.

–Thank you for your hard work. This is Friday. Could you tell us about your relationship with Issei Takahashi?

Iide: “………… (silence while walking)”

–Did your relationship start when you co-starred in the drama “Kishibe Rohan ha Mukonunaga wa Mukonunaga”?

Iide “………… (getting into a car)”

–Does Mr. Takahashi enjoy Mr. Iide’s cooking?

Iide “………… (closes the door)”

We later contacted the offices of both parties, but Takahashi’s office did not respond by the deadline, and Iide’s office responded, “It is not true.

The two hit it off amidst the production of a high-profile film. They will probably continue to work hard together as lovers and actors.

In early July, Iide was filming “Octo: Emotion Investigator Akari Shinno” (NTV).
This is Takahashi entering a studio in Tokyo in early July to rehearse for the stage play “2020. His hair is completely changed from Rohan’s hair to a two-block hairstyle.
Issei Takahashi and Marie Iide, a big couple born in Reiwa with a 17-year age difference!
Issei Takahashi and Marie Iide, a big couple with a 17-year age difference Reiwa was born!

From the August 19 and 26, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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