Issei Takahashi and Marie Iide: “The road and decisive factors” to “JoJo’s marriage” with a 17-year age difference | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Issei Takahashi and Marie Iide: “The road and decisive factors” to “JoJo’s marriage” with a 17-year age difference

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Under One Roof” known only to FRIDAY
The big couple who had been nurturing their love in the same apartment building happily made their goal two years after the FRIDAY scoop!

Iide is seen off by concerned parties and leaves the location of the drama. In her marriage report post, she described Takahashi as “using his wisdom to enjoy life in a mischievous way.

Reiwa’s leading big-name couple has become a family.

Actor Issei Takahashi (43) and model and actress Marie Iide (26) announced their marriage on May 16. Their relationship started when they co-starred in the drama version of “Kishibe Rohan ha Mukonen wa Mukonen”, a spin-off of the popular manga “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, and became a topic of conversation as “JoJo’s Marriage.

During the break in filming, Takahashi encouraged the health-conscious Iide to eat junk food and stay up late, and the two engaged in exquisite banter. Takahashi is often alone on set, as if she were in her shell, so I thought they really got along well” (TV station insider).

FRIDAY scooped their friendly relationship about two years ago (August 19 and 26, 2010 issues). An acquaintance of Iide recalls.

A friend of Iide recalls, “Around the fall or winter of 2009, when the shooting of the second drama was over, Marie moved into Takahashi’s apartment. Although the rooms were separate, they started living under the same roof. On her days off, she never went outside and spent her time exclusively in Takahashi’s room.

At the time, Takahashi’s office refrained from answering the question about the fact of their relationship, and Iide’s office replied, “It is not true. However, an acquaintance of Iide said, “There is no doubt that they started dating more than two years ago.

In fact, the two continued to nurture their love steadily after the FRIDAY report, and now they have finally reached the goal. Takahashi, who has been a “co-star killer” with a number of actresses, decided to marry Iide, who is 17 years younger than him, for what reason? There were “three things in common.

The first was “food. Both of them are very particular about cooking, with Takahashi making his own noodles for ramen and Iide making his own miso paste.

During their relationship, they would cook for each other because they could not go out on dates because they were afraid of being seen. Both of them like Japanese food, and there were times when Takahashi served his specialty, simmered dishes such as chikuzen-ni (boiled and seasoned vegetables). In addition, Takahashi told those around her that she was ‘addicted to making nukadoko,’ which was also a well-known hobby of Iide’s. It was rumored among the people concerned that he started making it under her influence.

There is more in common. Both are known as indoor people and both love to read. An acquaintance of Iide’s mentioned above revealed, “Last summer, Marie bought the complete works of Soseki Natsume, which seems to have been influenced by Takahashi’s love of history.

Both are also known to be big dog lovers, and in the past they have uploaded photos of their dogs on SNS. This similarity may have been a deciding factor in their decision to get married.

They still live in the same apartment where FRIDAY scooped the couple. Their marriage does not seem to have any negative impact on their careers as actors.

Their popularity is largely due to their acting ability, rather than their idol status, and their fans will not leave them just because they are married. In fact, they will no longer have to worry about hiding their relationship, and they will be able to spend their private time freely together. The stability of their private lives will probably have a positive impact on their work as well.

The two have transcended their work and become important partners in real life as well. We wish them a long and happy life together!

Takahashi at a studio in Tokyo for a photo shoot. He described Iide as “walking with dignity. They seem to be attracted to each other’s intellectual side.
Takahashi entering her apartment in July ’22. Perhaps wary of his surroundings, he wore a hat and mask when he went out.
On another day, I also witnessed Iide entering his apartment. They had been going back and forth between each other’s rooms since then.
They smiled together when they made a movie last year. We look forward to their next collaboration.

From the June 7-14, 2024 issue of “FRIDAY

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