The 13 Men of Kamakura-dono”… “Convincing Circumstances” that made the comical line fall in love with it. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The 13 Men of Kamakura-dono”… “Convincing Circumstances” that made the comical line fall in love with it.

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In November 2006, Shun Oguri, the star of “Kamakura-dono,” was having a man drink with Ryo Narita, Yudai Chiba, and Kouji Seto.

The comical portrayal, which broke with the conventions of period dramas, has been received more favorably than expected.

This year’s NHK historical drama “Kamakura-dono no 13 The main character in this year’s NHK drama, “Kamakura no Dono no 13 39 The protagonist of the NHK historical drama “Kamakura-dono no 13inin” is Hojo Yoshitoki, played by Oguri Shun (39). Yoshitoki was the right-hand man of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate, but he has never been the subject of a drama or movie. There are not many materials on Yoshitoki, and in a sense, he is a character that scriptwriters can portray as they wish.

Mitani Koki, who is in charge of scriptwriting, has portrayed Yoshitoki’s life from the late Heian to the early Kamakura period in a more comical manner than one would expect. Mitani has always excelled at comedies, but the profound atmosphere required for NHK Taiga dramas, which require a heavy atmosphere, are apt to draw controversy.

This time, however, the drama is “fun,” he says, “and it’s a great way to get people interested in history. I am grateful that I was exposed to historical studies through the drama,” and “It is the scriptwriter’s skill to read historical facts and how to depict them. All the characters are attractive and show a high level of ability. The style of these comments suggests that the drama is supported not only by the younger generation, but also by the older generation, who are the Taiga’s fan base.

Immunity created by “Sanadamaru

A dangerous gamble, one might say. Comical Taiga But what is the reason why it hooked viewers so well this time around? We asked editors and reporters who have watched countless dramas.

Mitani said, “Mr. 16 NHK’s NHK He also wrote the script for the NHK Taiga Drama “Sanadamaru” in 2004, which was also quite comical at first. However, at that time, viewers were not yet accustomed to it, and many were puzzled by the flippancy of the story. Perhaps because of this, the comical elements were considerably reduced in the second half. The only female characters who appeared in the show continued to be portrayed in a fairly unique manner, but this was a noticeable source of comments that divided people into liking or disliking the show until the end.

But after this experience with “Sanadamaru,” the viewer has a lot to offer. Comical Taiga I think that the viewers became immune to the “comical” nature of the drama. In fact, from the very first episode, the comical troubled face and cringing expression of the lead actor, Shun Oguri, was praised as “cute” and “precious,” and the drama even became the number one trending series on Twitter.

(TV magazine editor) However, further interviews revealed that the real reason for the popularity of Mitani’s script lies elsewhere. The key to this is. Brutality The key is “brutality.

There were many incidents during the period from the establishment of the Kamakura shogunate to its stabilization. The fall of the Heike clan, the Jokyu Rebellion, and so on. It is a period that is very suitable for visualization. But because of that, it is a time of intrigue and brutality.

From the very beginning, viewers were shocked when Yoritomo’s young son, Chikurumaru, was drowned in a river and killed. Furthermore, Yoshitoki’s elder brother Munetoki (Kataoka Ainosuke), Yoshitoki’s wife Yae’s parents and siblings, and last week, even Yoritomo’s trusted subordinate, Jososuke Hirosuke (Sato Koichi), were easily killed. This is a horrifying period in which major figures are killed one after another in such a way that one would never have thought possible, but many Japanese are surprisingly unfamiliar with the history of this period. Hence, the usual NHK I think that if the story is depicted in a heavy-handed manner, as in the usual NHK Taiga, it would be too brutal and shocking.

That is why the comical nature of Mitani’s script is a saving grace. The basics are portrayed in a cheerful and topsy-turvy manner, so it’s just a drama within a drama. excitement of the story I think that the audience is able to accept and enjoy the drama as a Since only five years have passed since “Sanadamaru,” there were many who said, “Mitani Koki again? But this time, I think it was the right decision.

If the story is portrayed as it was in historical fact, there are sure to be many people who will be surprised and leave the story early in the future. Still, I am sure that “Kamakura-dono no 13 Still, “Kamakura-dono no 13-hito” will surely entertain us purely as a drama, and will also make us learn something about history that we did not know before.

  • Interview and text by Nanako

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