Sosuke Takaoka barks, “People have changed since I became successful! What I want to say to Oguri Shun and Go Ayano. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sosuke Takaoka barks, “People have changed since I became successful! What I want to say to Oguri Shun and Go Ayano.

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Direct Interview
6.On the 25th, he will put his life as a fighter on the line against Gomaki’s younger brother.
What is the “true meaning” behind his repeated bitter comments to his former actor friends?

Takaoka has been posting his feelings toward his actor friends on SNS. He talked about his true feelings behind it for more than an hour.

I don’t want to expose them. What I posted on Instagram is my own shout-out to ‘them.

Sosuke Takaoka (41) spoke plainly while staring at us. The “them” refers to the fellow actors who have been making bitter comments on their Instagram since the beginning of June. Among them, Shun Oguri (40), who became the president of a major entertainment agency, said, “He’s always been too cunning. He should have his guts kicked in once and for all. Some have called him “the second Gyasi,” but he simply laughs it off.

I don’t know Mr. Gurnsey. What I want to do is different from what Mr. Gershwin does. I posted this article because I felt that the image I have seen of myself and the public image of me are very different. In particular, I felt most uncomfortable with (Oguri) Shun.

The two met when Takaoka was 18 years old. Since they were close in age, they immediately hit it off. However, Takaoka gradually began to feel a sense of unease.

Shun is the type of person who is timid yet strong. When he was young, he would suddenly get very bossy when he was with his friends, and would pick fights with people he didn’t know. That’s because there are people around to stop me. His hand holding a cigarette trembles and he is really scared, but he wants to look good to his juniors.

And as we got to know each other better and better, he would only turn to me when there was trouble. When a famous actress was dating a senior actor, Mr. A, he tried to seduce her, but Mr. A called him and said, ‘Oguri, you’ve got to be careful,’ and he started to cry, ‘Ao-chan, what should I do? Ao, what are you going to do?

He cried, ‘Ao-chan, what are you going to do?

Even though he owed me a favor, behind my back, he would tell the producer to remove Ao-chan from the casting without hesitation. In fact, at the time of the movie “CROWS ZERO II” released in 2009, Shun was the director and shot a manner movie with the cast before the opening of the show, but people around me were saying, “Takaoka is so selfish that he won’t cooperate with us anymore. Knowing how timid he is, I’m in the way.

The most recent contact was when Mr. Gershey started exposing Oguri’s office. ‘Ao, how are you?’ and ‘I’m looking at your Instagram. I think he wanted to find out if I was shedding any light. It is when I am in a pinch that he calls out to me like that.

The rebuke was also directed at Go Ayano (41), who belongs to the same office as Oguri.

I met him four or five years ago,” he said. It was a party at a chairman’s house, and Tsuyoshi arrived about two hours late. When he finally arrived, he was dressed like a host, holding a bouquet of bright red roses, wearing a black suit and black sunglasses.

The out-of-place outfit stunned even his seniors who had known Tsuyoshi for a long time. I held out my hand to him and said, “Tsuyoshi, it’s been a while,” and he ignored my handshake and patted me on the shoulder, saying, “Good job. Tsuyoshi has really changed since he became successful.

I will not press charges anymore.”

Sosuke Takaoka/’82, born in Tokyo. He made his debut in the drama “Heaven’s Kiss” (TV Asahi) in 1999. In 2007, he married Aoi Miyazaki, but they divorced in 2011. In 2006, he announced his remarriage to a civilian woman.” In 2008, he announced his retirement from acting and is now active as a martial artist.

Episodes related to the true faces of his fellow actors keep coming up one after another. However, the content is not all critical: Ayato Nagayama, 34, was arrested on June 16 for violating the Marijuana Control Law, and he has his own theory about it.

I think it is only natural that he should be caught because a violation is a violation,” he said. However, I feel that the media is overreacting to the seriousness of the crime. It’s as if he’s a villain.

There are other celebrities whom Takaoka has accused by name on social networking sites. Why did he make a series of posts at this time in the first place? When we asked him a frank question, he thought for a moment and then slowly began to speak.

The original trigger was when Haruma (Miura) passed away. I called him and said, ‘Why didn’t you help him?’ Shun was irresponsible, saying things like, ‘I was wondering if something was okay. We were friends who ate meals together and talked together, you know? In the end, Shun spits on any girl who looks like she might become famous, and when she sells, he surrounds her with an atmosphere of “Oguri Gumi,” even though he can’t take care of her in any way. To put it bluntly, Shun is not capable of being a top manager. If he continues to be the center of the entertainment industry, the entertainment industry will be even worse off. I want him to be more of a president who sides with the weak.”

The reason he turned to social networking sites was his distrust of the mass media.

The reason he turned to SNS was his distrust of the mass media. Recently, Ryoko Hirosue’s affair was covered to the hilt, but there was no coverage of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara’s alleged affair. I personally think that Mr. Kihara should be pursued more, since his salary is paid from taxpayers’ money, but I don’t think so. So I thought it would be better if I sent out the information myself.”

When asked about his future posting plans, Takaoka replied, “I consider this to be a break. He is now concentrating on other goals. That is a match against Gomaki’s younger brother, Yuki Goto (36), at “Ko-ken 23” on June 25, which he is taking on with extraordinary determination.

I had talked with Yasugen Wakano, the chairman of “KYOKEN International,” who passed away in February of this year, before he passed away, and he said he wanted to fight Goto-kun. I will fight with his wish on my back. I am grateful for Goto-kun’s manliness in accepting my challenge.

Takaoka looked nervous throughout the interview. However, when a reporter told him after the interview, “The movie ‘Patchugi! was great,” Takaoka was bashful and candid.

I have no intention of returning to show business. But I am still attracted to acting. Of course, it’s a matter of fate, timing, and when something resonates with me.

Takaoka has experienced both the sweet and sour sides of the entertainment industry. His cry may be because he still loves his job as an actor.

This June marked the first anniversary of his debut as a fighter. He has two wins from two fights. In his fight against Goto, he is aiming for his first KO victory.
Interview with Sosuke Takaoka “What I want to say to Oguri Shun and Go Ayano
Interview with Sosuke Takaoka “What I want to say to Shun Oguri and Go Ayano

From the July 7, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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