Alice Hirose Going Strong in Both Her Career and Romance — Rumors of Marriage is Also in the Air | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Alice Hirose Going Strong in Both Her Career and Romance — Rumors of Marriage is Also in the Air

In the April season, she starred in two dramas at the same time, "Love is Too Serious" and "Detective is Too Soon"! and "Detective is too early" at the same time!

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In front of a building in Shirokane (Minato-ku), Tokyo, actress Alice Hirose (27) is surrounded by many staff members. She is wearing a blue blouse and carrying a large number of paper bags in both hands as she crosses a pedestrian crossing. Alice’s every movement was dazzling and captivating in every way.

She looked a little tired, and even made a gesture as if she was looking at the sky before the camera rolled. Is her busy schedule affecting her health?

Alice has already appeared in commercials for five different companies this year, and in April she appeared in “Love, What’s the Serious Deal? (Fuji TV) and “Tantei ga Hayato Haru no Trick Return Festival” (NTV). Starring in two dramas at the same time is an unusual for an actress, and her momentum has surpassed that of her younger sister Suzu (23). In contrast to Suzu, whose serious and shadowy roles are more prominent, Alice is good at creating a “beloved character” with a comical expression. According to a TV station staff, “Actresses with Alice’s style are in high demand in today’s commercial dramas.”

If her work is going well, her private life is also going well.

Alice’s relationship with Tadayoshi Okura, 36, of “Kanjani Eight” is officially approved by both of their agencies, and marriage seems to be in the air. However, if Alice becomes even busier, she will probably prioritize work and D-day will will need to wait.

Both work and love are going well, so it will be interesting to see how far things go.

Alice Hirose, who is highly acclaimed as surpassing her younger sister Suzu in terms of her ability and love .
Alice Hirose, the hot actress who is highly acclaimed for “surpassing her younger sister Suzu,” is “talented and in love” in this issue of FRIDAY.

From theApril22, 2022issue ofFRIDAY

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