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Revealed through Instagram art…! A new technique of Takuya Kimura

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The episode of “Ningen Kankou Variety Monitoring” (TBS, broadcast on September 9) featuring Takuya Kimura has become a hot topic.

Kimura said that he checks the Instagram of Ryuichi Kosugi of Black Mayonnaise, and Kosugi, who was originally a big fan of Kimura’s, confessed, “I like him so much that I’ve taken the liberty of recreating Kimura-san’s Instagram,” to which Kimura replied, “You do, don’t you? “Kosugi, who is a fan of Kimura, confessed, “I like him so much that I’ve taken the liberty of recreating his Instagram.

By the way, Takuya Kimura is the undisputed ace of “SMAP” and the “ratings man” whose dramas starred in the 1990s and 2000s all recorded viewer ratings of over 25%. However, in recent years, when I talk to female editors in their 20s and 30s, I hear comments like the following.

  • “I often hear that Takuya Kimura is great, but I don’t really understand how he’s great.
  • “Why is Takuya Kimura always so cool? Why does Takuya Kimura always have to look so cool? Nobody looks that cool nowadays.

If you are in your twenties, you may not be able to relate to this, but at the same time, if you ask me, I can certainly agree that there is no one who looks so cool. However, I think the greatness of Takuya Kimura lies in his sense of responsibility to “show off his coolness” to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and more specifically, in his “coolness, which is the spirit of service that keeps him cool without hesitation.

(Photo by Kojiro Yamada)

Controversial images on Takuya Kimura’s Instagram, where he makes a lot of funny faces…

This can be seen once again on the Instagram of Takuya Kimura, who opened his official account in May last year.

In addition to cool images such as a close-up of his hand stretched out toward the blue sky, the sky and his motorcycle, and a cicada shell on a leaf, there are also pictures of him drinking a McDonald’s shake after a workday or a commercial, or leaning against a wall after a workout. “She posts a lot of pictures of her looking like an idol, like a bromide.

And yet, the fact that he takes off his mask at home, shows a relaxed expression with his dog, and doesn’t forget to wear his mask when he’s out and about is very “Kimtaku”.

But you know what? There was a controversial picture of Kim’s perfect-looking Instagram posted on July 18, which read, “When it’s this hot, I want to eat this. Let’s eat! Everyone, please rehydrate properly! is attached to the image.

However, there was a thickly sliced egg that looked to be somewhere between a “broiled egg” and a “fried egg”, coarsely shredded lettuce, bean sprouts, and a small piece of rice. However, the thickly sliced egg, which looked like something between a “broiled egg” and a “fried egg,” roughly sliced lettuce, bean sprouts, etc., roughly arranged on the plate, was not quite right.

The reason was that it was quite different from the delicate and beautiful dishes I had seen Takuya Kimura cook for many years at “BISTRO SMAP” on “SMAP x SMAP”, and more like what I would cook for lunch at home.

Was he busy? Is it because I was busy, or because I’m a bit more rough around the edges at home? Or maybe it was ……, and when I looked it up, I found that it was, as expected (?) on social networking sites and internet forums. It was speculated that the cold Chinese noodles were not made by Takuya Kimura, but by his partner Shizuka Kudo.

Just to be sure, I took a look at Shizuka Kudo’s Instagram, and indeed, it looks much closer to the chilled Chinese image in the example than to Takuya Kimura’s dish at BISTRO SMAP.

There was fried rice and fried chicken on a large platter, a wooden cutting board (olive cutting board) on a wooden table, and homemade chocolate mousse on the cutting board. Or, it could be an all-brown baked dish wrapped with chicken, shiso, green onions, mushrooms, and cheese. While many of the dishes are nutritious and well-prepared, the fact that they look so bold is rather familiar to me.

Of course, there is no mention of “wife’s cooking” in Kimura’s Instagram, but if you look at Kimura’s Instagram again after learning about Kudo’s tendencies in this way, you will notice that there are images like “a dish with several thick slices of cucumber popping out of the bowl. In fact, this “chilled Chinese food image” is not a chilled Chinese food image.

In fact, this “cold chinese food” image led to a renewed interest in the “Kim Tak’s handsome face” theory on Internet forums, with people saying, “He’s a loving wife, even though he’s probably a better cook than she is,” and “His wife must love him.

(Photo by Kojiro Yamada)

The reason why Shizuka Kudo’s cooking looks so regal and confident…

As if to confirm the speculation on the Internet, Kimura’s cooking skills were shown in the September 7th episode of “Housework Yaro! On September 7, Kimura showed off his cooking skills in the “Real Food at Home of Takuya Kimura” episode of “Housework Yaro!

The “special pizza toast” was made by spreading store-bought arrabiata sauce on whole wheat bread and baking it with plenty of stretchy Emmental cheese. The “commoner’s technique” of sticking a fork into the edge of the toast and sliding it onto the plate made the event more exciting.

The “beef kimchi” dish was made by frying and seasoning beef with onions and plenty of mushrooms.

The “Gyoza-nabe” using frozen gyoza was also very simple, but the sauce looked very tasty, but what followed was very Kimutaku. When asked by Yuichi Nakamaru, the program’s MC, if he had any ideas for the sime, he replied, “Sime? “When Nakamaru hurriedly said, “No, I was just thinking of using it as a reference,” he suddenly stood up and said, “Well, wait for me.

He boiled Chinese noodles, put kimchi mixed with sesame oil on top, and poured the special raayu sauce on top.

All of them are simple, but the “quick” and “easy” touches, such as the Tabasco on the pizza and the sauce on the rice, are very skillful. But what was even more impressive was the way Nakamaru, when asked about the sime, just asked for a response such as “rice,” “Chinese noodles,” or “udon,” but when the other person was intimidated, he gently and openly served the home-cooked meal, giving off a scary vibe for a moment. This is the kind of performance that only Takuya Kimura can pull off.

Although I am only guessing when I see his cooking skills in the video, I have a feeling that the “cold Chinese noodles” is not his own work, and it seems that his wife’s cooking sometimes appears in the video.

Assuming that’s the case. Takuya Kimura’s spirit of service is probably on display at home as well. Because a husband who can cook so well would want to say something about his wife’s bold cooking, and then he would probably say, “Then you should cook for me.

In fact, the system of “the one who is good at it should do it” may seem reasonable, but it can unintentionally damage the self-esteem of the other person and take away their place in the household. However, even though she has a husband who is such a good cook, Shizuka Kudo’s cooking looks really regal and confident.

Incidentally, editors and others around her, even those who are not familiar with the dramas of the 1990s and 2000s, say that when they actually worked with her during filming, “She was just amazing” and “I’ve never met anyone who is so meticulous and attentive to everything.

I’ve never met anyone who is so meticulous and attentive to everything.” Kimutaku is still amazing. ……

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