Erika Sawajiri Answers a Direct Question with the Eyes of an Angel and Goes on a Date with Shota Matsuda | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Sawajiri Answers a Direct Question with the Eyes of an Angel and Goes on a Date with Shota Matsuda

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Sawajiri politely answers a direct question from this magazine about her return to acting after a five-year absence (February 3, ’12 issue).

Erika Sawajiri (37) was as beautiful as ever. Erika Sawajiri (37) was as beautiful as ever.

FRIDAY” (June 30, 2011 issue) spotted Sawajiri at a traffic light waiting for a light, holding the steering wheel. After about 20 minutes of driving, Sawajiri emerged from the car, dressed casually in short overalls and a vintage-style cardigan, wearing only chain glasses. Her appearance was nothing like the Erika Sawajiri we had known until three and a half years ago.

Since her arrest by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in November ’19 for possession of the synthetic drug MDMA, Sawajiri had completely disappeared from the public eye. Although it was once rumored that she had gained 20 kg due to stress, her good style and beautiful appearance have not changed at all. In fact, her beauty seems to have increased as she has tanned a bit.

FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Erika Sawajiri since her debut. When she was in the public spotlight as a “controversial actress,” FRIDAY contacted her many times. Each time, we were impressed by Sawajiri’s earnest responses to our interviews with her angelic gaze. Other events include a date with Shota Matsuda (37), a wedding with her ex-husband, a hypermedia creator, and, before her divorce was finalized, a staycation with her new boyfriend. We would like you to see Sawajiri’s unchanged beautiful figure in these treasured photos.

She was talking to a reporter by herself, exhaling white breath…

It was on January 11, 2012, that this magazine directly interviewed Sawajiri. She was bashed for her “Nothing…” comment at the stage greeting for the movie “Closed Notebook,” which was released in September 2007. After that, she was hit with a series of troubles, including a divorce from hypermedia creator Tsuyoshi Takagi and a contract dispute with her Spanish agency, and she suspended her show business activities.

She decided to return to show business for the first time in five years with the movie “Helter Skelter,” and we went to her apartment to ask her about her feelings. Sawajiri came out of her house and approached us when she noticed us. The temperature that day was nearly zero degrees Celsius, and she was wearing no makeup. Her nose and cheeks flushed in the north wind, and she looked the reporter straight in the eye as she answered his question.

-Where are you going tonight?


-Are you going out for a drink?

It’s normal, isn’t it? Can’t I?

You have been going out with a guy who looks like a rapper.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I met a lot of nice people last year, and he is one of the good friends I met. It’s true.”

For this magazine, we would like to see what Sawajiri is doing in her private life.

For now, let’s put your private life aside. My work is fulfilling right now. I want to concentrate on my movies first.

With these words, she headed off into the night.

In mid-December of last year, she was invited to a film festival by Kazuyuki Izutsu, the director of “Patchugi! “(70), the film that launched her career, and Avex, her agency, is said to be inundated with job offers. It may not be long before we see her on the screen.

The movie “Patchgi!” won the Best Newcomer Award for the film “Patch Guy! At the award ceremony of “2006 Hélandres Prize” (March 3, 2006 issue)
Enjoying a date with 20-year-old Shota Matsuda (June 16, 2006 issue)
At an event for “Letter,” a movie in which she starred (September 22, 2006 issue)
At a wedding ceremony with Mr. Tsuyoshi Takagi (February 6, 2009 issue)
Flew to Amami Oshima Island to see the total solar eclipse with her husband, Mr. Takagi (August 7, 2009 issue)
In the middle of the divorce case, Sawajiri was directly interviewed in Ginza with a smile on her face (February 4, 2011 issue).
Sawajiri looks the reporter in the eye and answers (February 3, 2012 issue).
Before her divorce from Mr. Takagi was finalized, Sawajiri stayed overnight with her new boyfriend (April 12, 2001 issue).
Before her divorce from Mr. Takagi was finalized, Sawajiri stayed overnight with her new lover (April 12, ’13 issue).
Sawajiri with Komai (right) heading to the movie launch venue (December 22, ’17 issue)
Sawajiri’s new girlfriend and Nana Katase on a double date with Katase’s girlfriend (November 23, ’18 issue)
Sawajiri’s new girlfriend and Nana Katase, double-dating with Katase’s girlfriend (November 23, ’18 issue)
Sawajiri smoking a cigarette in his car while ordering a high-class yakiniku bento (June 8, ’18 issue)
Sawajiri in her last appearance in this magazine before her arrest (October 4, ’19 issue)
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