Erika Sawajiri, a “wild businesswoman,” and her new boyfriend, Erika Sawajiri, are living together half of the time! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Sawajiri, a “wild businesswoman,” and her new boyfriend, Erika Sawajiri, are living together half of the time!

The family and Avex chairman Katsuto Matsuura also approve. The "dignified two-shots" that they always spend time together are truly a picture!

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It was early afternoon in the middle of the Bon Festival. The midsummer sun was shining brightly when a Parisian-style couple emerged arm in arm from a luxury condominium in Tokyo.

The beautiful woman with blonde hair and a flamboyant Dolce & Gabbana set-up is Erika Sawajiri, 37, a resident of the apartment.

Three months ago, when we caught her in the flesh for the first time in three and a half years, she had dark hair, a cardigan, and overalls, but she has drastically changed to a flamboyant mode!

Next to her is a wild man with wavy long hair, sunglasses, and a mustache. He is Mr. A, a handsome man resembling Nobuyoshi Kuwano (Kuwaman) of “Rats & Star” fame, who was with Sawajiri when FRIDAY reported in its June 30 issue that Sawajiri was seen naked for the first time in three and a half years.

They headed for the parking lot reserved for condominium residents and got into a white Crown parked there. After chatting with each other in the car, perhaps discussing their destination with the navigation system, the car started off. Mr. A took the wheel. The first stop was a dermatology clinic. Only Sawajiri went inside, while Mr. A waited in the car the whole time. After that, they stopped by a pharmacy and then went to Roppongi Hills.

They went to a floor lined with fashion brands. Mr. A was watching over Sawajiri, who was examining the products in one corner of the floor. As she headed to the cash register with a fluffy fluorescent green dress in her hand, Mr. A cracked a joke and the clerk laughed hysterically while she waited to have her dress altered. Sawajiri smiled at the scene – a happy sight.

Afterwards, the Parisian couple went home after having a smoke together.

After that, Mr. A continued to live at Sawajiri’s apartment. He spent his days driving to work at a select store he had set up with his own brother that sold vintage eyeglasses, sunglasses, and antique jewelry, and returning home in the middle of the night. Sawajiri’s recent appearance on the YouTube channel of Avex Chairman Katsuhito Matsuura became the talk of the town, and it was to Mr. A’s store that Sawajiri headed in Mr. Matsuura’s Rolls-Royce because she wanted to “fix my sunglasses. The A brothers were outside the frame of the camera. In other words, they are living together halfway, which is officially approved by both their families and their offices.

When we directly confronted Mr. A, he replied, “Sawajiri-san? The actress? He blurted out, “She is a very beautiful person,” and exuded affection for her.

–Mr. Matsuura came to the front of the store, but that means he knows about the relationship, right?

I neither deny nor confirm. If I had to say, my cars are old Mercedes 111s and Rolls-Royces. My daily driver is a first generation Century. Please don’t take a picture of me (on a date) when I’m driving my substitute car, a Crown. I started getting a lot of “Kuwaman, Kuwaman, Kuwaman,” and I thought, “What is this? I thought, “What the hell is this? All men with all backs, mustaches, and sunglasses are “Kuwaman.

While joking around, he made no comment about their relationship, perhaps to protect Sawajiri. Mr. A walked away saying, “Don’t be a hoe man, ……. This cheerfulness may also be a source of support for Sawajiri’s resurgence.

She strolled through the Hills with Mr. A (right), who was dressed in a bright blue traditional costume with a gold necklace, ring, and wristwatch sparkling. He was so powerful that no one could talk to him.
This is the scene of Mr. A’s regrettable drive. He had sent his beloved car for inspection, and this Crown is a loaner car.
I regret that I cannot show you his face, but Mr. A is a very handsome man. When I pointed out that he looked like Hiroyuki Sanada, he replied, “Let him be that one!
Erika Sawajiri, “wild businesswoman” and her new boyfriend, “semi-living together”.
Erika Sawajiri and her new boyfriend Erika Sawajiri, a wild businesswoman, live together halfway through the night.
Erika Sawajiri, a wild businesswoman, living together with her new lover
Erika Sawajiri and her new boyfriend Erika Sawajiri, a wild businesswoman

From the September 15 and 22, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO. Takahiro Kagawa (2nd and 3rd photos) Takayuki Ogawauchi

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