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Come Come Everybody’s Gaku Hamada Reappears as a Mysterious Choreographer

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As many viewers continue to wonder about him, he makes his return as the “mysterious choreographer”!

He is the older brother of Yasuko (Mone Kamishiraishi), the first heroine of NHK’s TV series “Come Come Everyday” (hereinafter referred to as ” Come Come”). He is the older brother of Yasuko (Mone Kamishiraishi), the first heroine of Yasuko’s (Mone Kamishiraishi) “Come Come Everyday” (hereinafter referred to as ” Come Come”).

In Yasuko’s version, he was demobilized from the war on Christmas Day, and since “Santa Claus” is Santa Claus, some people wondered if he would return on Christmas Day in Rui’s version as well. Even in the Rui version, some people whispered, “Will he come back on Christmas Day? But he still didn’t come back, and while many viewers continued to wonder “He’s definitely coming” and “When will he come back?”, he made his return in episode 79 on February 22.

While Kennosuke Momoyama (Kikunosuke Onoe), the second generation “Momoken,” is filming a commercial for the movie village at the Joei Uzumasa Movie Village where Hinata (Rina Kawase), Yasuko’s grandson, is employed, he suddenly shouts “IKEN! (Kikunosuke Onoe), the second “Momo-Ken”, was filming a commercial in the movie village, when he suddenly shouted “IKEN!

Instead of making a dramatic appearance, he just slipped in with an air of authority, which was very typical of Kenta. By the way, it was amazing to see how Takeshi Hamada looked so comfortable in his old age with gray hair and a slightly bent back.

Even if he had appeared with the same appearance as in the Yasuko version, or even if he had appeared as a future person or an alien, I would have been strangely convinced. That’s because the sense of “agelessness” of Gaku Hamada is of such a different dimension.

Ten years ago, in 2012, Gaku Hamada appeared at a promotional event for a TV drama. He looks almost the same as he does now! His role is that of a “young man who is not popular,” and he doesn’t waver here either… (Photo: Afro)

His first appearance was as a 13-year-old.

I want you to remember the first episode of “Kam Kam”. In 1925, the year radio broadcasting began in Japan, and at the beginning of the episode when Yasuko was born, we see a boy who looks like Arata. When Yasuko (Yui Aoi Amimoto), who was a child actor, turned 8 years old, it was Gaku Hamada who appeared as the 13-year-old Arata.

As you can see, Tanta is not 13 years old when he is sitting around the dinner table with his family. In an interview with Oricon News (November 9), he said that when he was chosen to participate in the drama, he was not told that he would be playing a 13-year-old character. At first, many people thought that it would have been better to have a child actor.

However, I was struck in the knees when he stole a radio from the “Akanishi” shop in the shopping arcade, pretending that his grandfather, who was sweet to Yasuko, had bought it for him when everyone wanted one.

While his father, Kinta (Masahiro Komoto), is bowing to the owner of Akanishi, Kibei (Keisuke Horibe), he says, “You left the radio on in front of the store and ran out, so you must have gotten into trouble.

In addition, his presence in the midst of his family and craftsmen naturally makes the place more cheerful and joyful, like Katsuo from “Sazae-san” who will never grow old.

On the other hand, this picture was taken at an event for the movie “Space Brothers,” also released in 2012. He played the role of Yasushi Furuya, a strong young man from the Kansai region who specializes in primate research (Photo: Afro)

A strange coincidence on December 13 last year…

Come to think of it, his sense of age invisibility was on full display in the drama ” Janae no Kanojo” that he starred in for TV Tokyo last October.

The main character played by Hamada is Masaya Kotani, an associate professor at a university, who has led a life of no special prominence. When he meets Reiko Nonoyama (Mizuki Yamashita), a “natural demonic college student,” he gets involved in something that is not “janai ho”. ……

Since “The Girl Who Wasn’t There” is an “infidelity comedy,” the way she is pushed around by the college girl and goes left and right should be funny rather than offensive. In this respect, the way Gaku Hamada’s eyes swam, his confusion, and his agitation were superb, but I think the fact that he didn’t come off as unnaturally graphic was partly due to the fact that he didn’t seem to know his age, which made him equally at home alongside anyone else.

He and his tall, baby-faced wife, Manami Konishi, looked like a married couple, and he and Mizuki Yamashita, who played a college student, looked like a couple without the unpleasantness of an “uncle and a college girl. In some cases, Yamashita even looked like the more mature sister. What was even stranger was that she and YOU, who played the mother, still looked like a couple.

However, as if by some twist of fate, a strange coincidence occurred in one of the most important episodes of “Come Come”. It was in the 31st episode broadcasted on December 13th last year.

After returning from the war, he pokes fun at his maid, Yukii (Okada Yumi), and when the subject of his father comes up, he swears, “I don’t care what my dead father thinks. But then, Yasuko’s mother-in-law, Miyuri (YOU), appears, gently hugs him, and asks, “Aren’t you dying to see your mother and father? She hugs him gently and asks, “Are you dying to see your father and mother? Then, as he cries, ” I really wanted to apologize to my parents for everything that has happened,” she tells him, “Just being alive is good enough.

Having lost her beloved eldest son, Minoru (Hokuto Matsumura), in the war and having her heart broken, she has been venting her uncontrollable anger and grief on her daughter-in-law, Yasuko. The scene where the two people who lost their beloved family members sincerely apologized to each other and forgave each other brought tears to the eyes of many viewers.

However, coincidentally, on the same day, December 13, Miyuri, who hugged me like a holy mother in the morning and as the mother of the “not-so-girlfriend” in the evening, told Gaku Hamada, “You’re having an affair …… with that girl who came to the barbecue...” In a tone of voice like a fortune teller, she told him that she knew everything.

The reason why such a strange coincidence happens is because of Gaku Hamada’s ability to catch any ball from any distance, in any situation. In “The Chef is a Detective” (TV Tokyo) starring Hidetoshi Nishijima, Hamada was much younger than his original role, but his presence as a “garçon” in the middle of the stage-like one-situation story gave an outstanding sense of security that connected the staff and customers of the restaurant. Also, in the drama ” Fruits Delivery Service” (TV Tokyo) in which he played the lead role, he was impressive in his sad, bittersweet, yet comical performance of the deep human drama of the deli industry as an “ordinary man” who jumped into it.

Beyond the framework of age and era, Gaku Hamada expresses universal worries, anguish, silliness, and humanity as a “normal person in any era. Perhaps there is no age or era he cannot play.

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