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Asei Miki smiles happily as she “almost lives together” in a house!

He denied the news of his marriage on New Year's Day, but his relationship is going very well. I caught a close shot of him with the rumored "triplets".

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The two of them entered a common diner. Asei finished his meal first and waited leisurely for her to finish eating.

How about here?

It was past 8:00 p.m. in late December, and on the street in front of the station during dinner time, there was a couple holding hands in a friendly manner while choosing a restaurant. The man wearing a loose black outerwear and a hoodie hood is Asei (33) of the comedy duo Miki. Next to him is a beautiful woman wearing a knit cap who looks like Satomi Shigemori. It seems that she is the rumored candidate for his wife.

Last year, on December 4, I appeared live on “Shiawase ya nen! 7 hours and 30 minutes SP” (MBS) and asked my brother, Kosei (35), if he was interested in a reader model from Mie. (MBS) suddenly revealed that he had brought a reader model girl from Mie to live with him, and Masa “Tommy’s” (62) egged him on, and Asei was forced to make a public proposal on the show. As expected, Asei was very angry (laughs),” said a mid-career comedian from Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Asei and a beautiful woman entered a diner with a curtain that read “Meoto. The menu included fried horse mackerel set meal and pork shoga-yaki set meal. We had a relaxing dinner, laughing and watching TV in the restaurant (photo). After paying the bill, they left the restaurant and went back to their house.

On New Year’s Day, a sports newspaper reported that Asei was “getting married before the end of the year,” but Yoshimoto Kogyo immediately denied it. 3 days later, the couple appeared on “Haru Ichiban! (MBS), Asei said, “I can’t tell you the truth. I can’t tell you the truth. Yoshimoto is denying it on its own,” he said with a bewildered look on his face, fending off attempts by his co-stars to pursue him. What is the truth? I interviewed Asei directly when she came back to her house after the performance in Osaka.

–Here’s Friday.

It’s Friday! Friday!”

–The other day, you went with your girlfriend to a diner with the name “Meoto” written on the curtain, didn’t you?

I did. Yes, we did.”

–I was wondering if she was using the name of the restaurant.

No, not at all (laughs).

–The office denied your marriage.

I haven’t been able to greet her parents yet. The public proposal was done in the Kansai region. I apologized to her and said, ‘I’m really sorry that things turned out the way they did on the show. I’ll get married when the time is right.

–Are you in a relationship with a view to marriage?

We’re dating with marriage in mind.

–You live in a magnificent house, don’t you?

We are renting a house, but when we looked for a house where we can keep five cats, we found only one house.

–Is the house for the cats?

For the cats! Not marriage!”

–You’ve known each other for a long time, haven’t you?

We’ve known each other for a long time, haven’t we? “Since I moved to Tokyo in 2007.

–Are you getting married by the end of the year?

Hopefully, yes. But I don’t have any plans yet.

–Do you have a Zexy magazine in your house?

No (laughs). (She laughed about the program.) “It’s okay. She’s a good girlfriend who understands that it’s okay.

The sight of the two of you having dinner together is just like “newlywed life. I’m waiting for good news!

As soon as we left the restaurant, we held hands and went home. Walking closely together, they looked like a newlywed couple. They looked so happy that I envied them!
Asei was surprised to be interviewed directly, but she answered briskly. I’m sorry for making such a fuss (about the public proposal),” she said, revealing her polite nature.

From the January 28, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Takahiro Kagawa, Ichiro Takatsuka

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