Married Life of Asei Miki of “Miki” Comic Duo Plus Photos of their Dates! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Married Life of Asei Miki of “Miki” Comic Duo Plus Photos of their Dates!

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The two entered a common, popular diner. After finishing his meal first, Aki leisurely waits for her to finish eating (January 28, ’22 issue).

“I am pleased to announce that we have tied the knot! We will work together with five cats and two humans to do our best!”

Brotherly comedy duo Miki’s younger half, Aki (35), updated his SNS on January 23 to announce his marriage. According to various sports newspapers, his partner is a beautiful reader model from Mie Prefecture. Although she gained fame as the third-place winner in the M-1 Grand Prix 2017, part of the 7th generation of comedians, their relationship predates that, and she has been supporting Aki since their early days in the comedy circuit.


“On the live broadcast of ‘Shiawase Yanen! 7 Hours 30 Minutes SP’ (MBS network) on December 4, 2021, Aki’s elder brother, Kousei (37), suddenly exposed him, saying, ‘You brought a reader model girl from Mie, and you’re living together, right?’ Tommie Masasahi (64) also egged it on, leading Aki to be cornered into making a public proposal on the show. Aki was understandably angry about it (laughs).”

In the January 28, 2022 issue, FRIDAY reported the heartwarming sight of the two sharing dinner at a set meal restaurant. Let’s take a look back at that moment (with some minor modifications).


Living together in a house and having dinner together at a set restaurant

In late December 2021, around 8:00 PM, Aki and the beautiful woman were affectionately holding hands on the bustling street, choosing a restaurant for dinner. They entered a humble establishment adorned with a curtain bearing the characters Meoto (married couple), offering menus featuring dishes like horse mackerel fry set and ginger pork set. Inside, they laughed while watching the TV and enjoyed a leisurely dinner. After settling the bill, they left the restaurant and headed home to their house.

On New Year’s Day 2022, sports newspapers reported that Aki would marry by the end of the year, but Yoshimoto Kogyo promptly denied the claim. What is the truth? A few days later, Aki, returning home, was caught for an interview.

This is FRIDAY.

“There it is! Friday!”

The other day, you were seen at a diner with a curtain that said “Meoto,” right?

“Hahaha, yes, we went there.”

(Referring to the restaurant name) I see, I was wondering about that.

“No, not at all, just a coincidence (laughs).”

The agency denied the married, though.

“I haven’t had the chance to meet her parents yet. The public proposal was just a Kansai-style thing. I apologized to her, saying, ‘I’m sorry this happened because of the show’s atmosphere.’ We’ll consider the timing for marriage.”

So you are dating with an eye toward marriage?

“We are dating with marriage in mind.”

You live in a very nice house, don’t you?

“It’s a rental. When looking for a place that allows us to have five cats, we could only find a standalone house.”

Is the house for the cats?

“Mainly for the cats! Not for marriage!”

You have been together for a long time, haven’t you?

“Since I moved to Tokyo in 2019.”

Do you plan to get married by the end of the year?

“If possible, yes. But, there are no concrete plans yet.”

Do you have a copy of “XXY” in your house?

“No, there isn’t (laughs). She finds it amusing about the show. She’s a great girlfriend who says, ‘It’s okay’ and understands.”


On February 21, 2022, one month later, Akiho appeared on ‘Shimofuri Miki X IT’ (TBS)

“After the reports of ‘marrying by the end of the year’ during the New Year holidays, we discussed it, and we’ve decided not to get married this year.”

He revealed, 

“If that hadn’t happened, we were leaning towards getting married, but after that, we decided to hold off for this year.”

Two years after those words, Aki got married. In August of last year, he published his first book, “My Beloved Cat Life: Finding Happiness with Rescued Cats” (Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.), stating that he has rescued over 30 cats. While cats have been a common theme in Miki’s comedy routines, it’s likely that “beloved wife” anecdotes will now frequently make appearances in their acts.

As soon as they left the restaurant, they held hands and went home. Walking closely together, they looked like a newlywed couple. They looked enviably happy! (January 28, 2022 issue)
Aki was surprised by the direct interview, but answered the question clearly. He was surprised by the direct interview, but answered in a brisk manner. “I’m sorry for the trouble I caused (regarding the public marriage proposal),” he said, revealing his disciplined nature (January 28, 2022 issue).
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