Is this “Gachi-China” too? A large collection of “outlandish restaurants” very popular in China! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is this “Gachi-China” too? A large collection of “outlandish restaurants” very popular in China!

50 meters above the ground! In an airplane! On a cliff! In an underground air-raid shelter!

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Shanghai 50m Restaurant in the Air》The new restaurant in Shanghai is like an attraction. The thrill of dining 50 meters above the ground is very popular!

A restaurant suspended by a giant crane, a restaurant built in an air-raid shelter, a restaurant built on the edge of a cliff, etc. – a number of outlandish and eye-catching restaurants are attracting attention in China. Chinese journalist Zhou Laiyu explains, “There are ingenious ways to captivate not only the Chinese but also tourists.

A new restaurant has opened in Shanghai, 50 meters above the ground. Customers wear safety belts, and it is popular because it is like riding on a thrilling attraction. The Chongqing Bunker Restaurant is also a huge underground restaurant with an area of 5,000 m2, converted from 18 air-raid shelters. The cool air-raid shelter and the hot hot hot pot are a perfect match, and the restaurant is usually crowded. ″A restaurant like no other in the country″ attracts the attention of tourists.

China’s restaurant industry has been severely damaged in recent years by the recession caused by the bursting of the real estate bubble. The ideas of restaurant operators are being put to the test in a big way, as they are unable to satisfy consumers with the traditional style of eating and drinking.

In addition to consumers tightening their purse strings due to uncertainty about the future, the rapid spread of delivery services is having a major impact on the restaurant industry. Competition has intensified, and restaurant operators are taking every possible measure to meet the needs of the market in order to differentiate themselves from other restaurants,” he said.

I hope you will visit this “Gachi-Chinese” restaurant, which goes beyond the common sense of a restaurant.

Chongqing Air-raid Shelter Restaurant》This restaurant was built by converting 18 air-raid shelters. From a 20,000 m2 air-raid shelter, a huge underground restaurant with an area of 5,000 m2 was created.
Zhejiang Province: “Restaurant on the Cliff,” a mountain road several hundred meters long was converted into a restaurant with a view of the sea of clouds, which has become very popular and attracts tourists from all over the world.
Wuhan Boeing 737 Restaurant》Bought a retired genuine Boeing 737 and reused the existing equipment and facilities to open an original restaurant.
Chongqing Weird Yakiniku Restaurant 《Chongqing Weird Yakiniku Restaurant》is clean and reasonably priced, and is very popular among young people. Although it is completely visible from the outside, it actually has a private feel.

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