The “Internet is in an uproar due to the unstoppable photo leaks” and there are concerns about “loss of motivation and disorderly public morals” among junior high school students. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Internet is in an uproar due to the unstoppable photo leaks” and there are concerns about “loss of motivation and disorderly public morals” among junior high school students.

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Yoshihiko Inohara has been appointed as Director and CMO of STARTO, Inc. The training of junior members is also in his hands. ……

It is an important time before his debut. ……

The “bed photo” of a junior belonging to STARTO ENTERTAINMENT (STARTO), the former Johnny’s office, has been leaked to X and other media and has become a topic of conversation.

The leaked images include several pictures of a man sleeping in bed and screenshots of his LINE. The X postings of these leaked photos and screenshots have shocked fans, with the most viewed exceeding 10 million views.

The man in the photos is believed to be Raku Kawashita, a member of the junior group “AmBitious” produced by Tadayoshi Okura of “SUPER EIGHT,” who changed his name to “Kanjani Eight. It was a shock to his fans that he had a girlfriend, but what was even more shocking was the revelation that he had cheated on her several times based on their LINE communication.

(Sports newspaper reporter) “The bed photo” with a man in the picture included the following lines.

I want to be happy. I want to be happy… We talked about staying together forever, and I even put up with it because I love her…” and “I want to be happy!

I wanted to be happy,” she wrote in a graphic comment.

Kawashita-kun is the same age as Ryusei Onishi of “Naniwa Danshi,” who debuted in 2009. AmBitious” is a debut candidate unit following “Ae! group,” which made its CD debut on the 15th of this month, and had been attracting attention as one of the candidate units for debut. Kawashita-kun has put a damper on an important period for the group.

Speaking of “AmBitious,” Riku Koshiba left the group in January this year after pictures of him smoking and drinking alcohol when he was underage were spread. The group is now active with eight members, but the scandal is sure to be a tailwind for their fans.

On social networking sites, I’ve heard about this case.

A man who has to play with a lot of women, let alone one woman, will not be able to stand it and will do it again and again, even if he’s made to feel sorry for himself.

Kawashita Raku is probably going to leave the group.

“Kawashita Raku must be out of the group for sure.

The “ugly stories” about Junior have been happening one after another. In August last year, a video of “Bishonen” throwing cream puffs at each other in their dressing room was leaked, even though the video had expired, and the office apologized. In December of last year, “Ae! group” Daiharu Fukumoto, who was on the verge of making his debut, had his contract terminated without the reason being disclosed.

In January of this year, similar to the current incident, an intimate photo of a blonde woman was leaked by a member of Kansai Junior. When scandals like these continue, there are concerns about a “disturbance of public morals.

In March 2011, the BBC publicized the sexual assault scandal involving the late Mr. Kitagawa, and the Johnny’s s office was virtually dismantled. In March 2011, the BBC revealed the sexual assault scandal involving the late Janie Kitagawa, and the Johnny’s office was effectively dismantled.

It is fair to say that the juniors have been the most affected by this situation. Until now, they could work hard to achieve their goal of making their debut by strictly controlling their personal lives. However, under the current circumstances, it is doubtful that they will be able to debut as they have in the past, and even if they do, I am not sure if the TV, newspapers, and other media will treat them as spectacularly as they have been treated by Johnny’s in the past.

It is probably inevitable that their motivation has declined. In the past, there were Mary and Julie who had their eyes on them, and there were “tough seniors” such as Hideaki Takizawa, but now there are none of them. I think such scandals will continue in the future.

The decline in motivation and the disorder of public morals ……. How will STARTO really nurture the juniors who have given their fans dreams?

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