Playback ’94] At Yuji Oda’s Luxurious Mansion… When Yuriko Ishida Was a “Commuter Wife” at Ken Ishiguro’s Room | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Playback ’94] At Yuji Oda’s Luxurious Mansion… When Yuriko Ishida Was a “Commuter Wife” at Ken Ishiguro’s Room

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Ishida “goes out” from Ishiguro’s room with a paper bag in his hand. He seemed to be taking care not to use the front entrance (June 17, 1994 issue).

What did “FRIDAY” report 10, 20, or 30 years ago? In “Playback Friday,” we take a look back at the topics that were hot at the time. This time, we will look back at the article “At Yuji Oda’s luxurious apartment, ” which appeared in the June 17, 1994 issue 30 years ago! Yuriko Ishida secretly protects her “love nest “” from the June 17, 1994 issue.

In the previous week’s issue, this magazine had scooped the appearance of an ordinary woman, a “girlfriend of over eight years,” who had been going to the apartment of actor Yuji Oda (then 26). In fact, however, there was another couple nurturing their love in the apartment. (Descriptions in parentheses are quoted from past articles.)

I thought they were already living together. ……

The ultra-luxurious condominium stands on a small hill in Setagaya Ward. In fact, in addition to Oda, there is another popular young actor living here. In the drama “Look Back and You’ll See Him” (’93, Fuji Television), the actor Ken Ishiguro (28 at the time) played the role of a doctor who was at odds with Oda. The actress Yuriko Ishida (24 at the time) was a frequent visitor to his room.

The photo shows Yuriko coming down the elevator from Ishiguro’s room with a shoulder bag and a paper bag at around 9 p.m. one day in May. Her car had actually been parked in front of the entrance for some time. However, Yuriko-san did not exit from the front, but appeared from the exit by the parking lot to avoid being seen, got into her car, and started it up.

Ten minutes later, she returned, this time on foot for some reason, and went back inside the apartment. However, he soon came out and left on foot. About two hours later, at 11 p.m., Ishiguro drove his car home alone. Soon after, a light flashed in the living room.

Ishiguro moved into this apartment around November 1993, and since then Ishida had been seen by neighbors commuting to this apartment. Some of them even said, “I thought they were already living together.” Ishida’s “commuter wife” status had become the talk of the town.

The two began dating in 1992 when they co-starred in a TV drama, and their passionate love was soon discovered. In January 1994, Ishida admitted at a press conference that he and Ishiguro were dating and that they were planning to get married.

Ishida’s father is Mr. Jiro, who became famous for blackmailing his sister, Hikari, during her “prenuptial trip” with a J-League player, telling the other man, “Stay in the mountains and practice asceticism! When this magazine visited the family home, Mr. Jiro was not there. When this magazine visited him at his parents’ home, he was not there. His mother answered over the intercom in his place.

I don’t think they are living together. Yuriko lives in the same apartment as her sister, and Ishiguro-san is supposed to be living with his parents. ……

When we further interviewed Ishida’s agency, we received the following answer.

I don’t like it when people write that she is “living with her parents” before she gets married. Well, I don’t think they can go on dates during the daytime, and I think they even go out for fun once in a while.

The couple, who are expected to get married before the end of the year, were already enjoying the newlywed feeling.

In May, Ishiguro made a statement that hinted at a marriage proposal within the year, and everyone thought their marriage would be a done deal, but the couple broke up soon after. Various theories were put forward as to the cause, such as Ishiguro’s gambling habits, but in the end it is still unknown.

Ishiguro married a woman three years older than him who was a Miss Campus at the same university in May 1997, and they have three grown children. In addition to acting, Ishiguro has expanded his activities to include navigating on live tennis broadcasts.

Ishida, on the other hand, has been rumored to be in love several times since then, but is still single. She has been active for a long time, receiving offers for work since the time this article was first published. She made her breakthrough again in 2004 when she played a single woman who is now arafifteen in “Escape wa shame ga yakyu” (TBS), and her role as the heroine’s mother in the currently airing morning drama “Tora ni Tsubasa” is also well received, but surprisingly, this is her first appearance in a morning drama.

The two had previously co-starred in dramas such as “Happy Retirement” (TV Asahi) in ’15. However, that did not seem to rekindle the love rumor.

Ishiguro was well-liked by Ishida’s father, Jiro (’94 6/17/94 issue)
A super luxury apartment where Yuji Oda also lived (June 17, ’94 issue)
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