To Yokohama! On the Screen! Hiroshi Tachi & Kyouhei Shibata Legendary actors of “146 years old” descended on the screen! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

To Yokohama! On the Screen! Hiroshi Tachi & Kyouhei Shibata Legendary actors of “146 years old” descended on the screen!

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I think of “Detective Abu Nazinai” as a major cultural undertaking. I am the foundation that explains the story’s origins and endings, and Kyo-sama colors the rhythm and worldview. So this work belongs to Kyo-sama.”

In a past interview with this magazine, actor Hiroshi Tachi (74) said, “Japanese detective dramas up to that time were heavyweight.

Until then, Japanese detective dramas were all heavy and tragic. Detective Abu” rejected this trend and presented a comical and fashionable detective drama. The actor who created that lighthearted worldview was Kyobei Shibata.

When the drama began airing 38 years ago, Tachi was too busy playing to spend time reading the script or memorizing the dialogue.

Eight years have passed since the last movie “Farewell, Detective Abu Nazinai” was released. Fans all over Japan rejoiced when it was announced that the new film, “The Return of the Abominable Detective,” would be released.

In an exclusive interview, Kyouhei Shibata (72), a.k.a. “Kyo-sama,” in whom Tachi places his complete trust, also expressed his thoughts on “The Abu Detective.

He said, “My body is not as sharp and my legs are not as fast as they used to be. But I think it’s cool to see a man over 70 years old running as hard as he can, even though he’s exhausted.

This film begins with Taka & Yuji, who have retired from detective work and run a detective agency in New Zealand, returning to Yokohama to open a detective agency. In addition, a woman who may be the daughter of one of the two also shows up – and the story begins.

As Shibata said, the duo’s all-out sprinting and flashy action are still present in their latest work. Both actors show off their magnificent body movements with a toughness that makes it hard to believe that they are over 70 years old.

(Unpublished photograph / In a past interview, the actor expressed his feelings toward his partner Shibata.
Unpublished photograph: “Sexy Oshita” was created by ad-libbing against “Dandy Takayama”.



It was in early May when the town of Yokohama was filled with the sound of the charming voice of “Taka” and “Yuji! It was the middle of the Golden Week holiday season, and many people were out and about.

The two men were Tachi, wearing a black suit and sunglasses, and Shibata, wearing a silver-gray suit and sunglasses as well. About 380,000 people gathered in Yokohama that day to catch a glimpse of them in their “Detective Abu” look and participate in “The Yokohama Parade.

On another day in late May, the two also rushed to a game between the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars and the Hiroshima Toyo Carp at Yokohama Stadium.

As the opening theme from the film played in the background, Tachi made a spectacular entrance riding a Leopard, instantly transforming the stadium into an “Abu Keiji” world.

Tachi arrived at the mound,

Hello everyone! Abu Detective” is back here in Yokohama!

I’m back here in Yokohama!

Shibata followed with the title of the movie, “I’m back,

Yoshitomo Tsutsugo has returned to the Bay Stars. Tsutsuka looked good in the Major League Baseball uniform, but he looks best in the BayStars uniform.

The audience applauded and cheered loudly.

The two of them together are “146 years old. The courage of these legendary actors, who are still going strong, is sure to inspire the audience.

More than 380,000 people gathered to catch a glimpse of Tate and Shibata at “The 72nd Yokohama Parade.
Tachi and Shibata appeared on the ceremonial pitch in a leopard/ Photo: courtesy of Toei
Shibata pitched, Tachi umpired, and Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, who also “came back” from the U.S., stood in the batter’s box.
From left to right: Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, Hiroshi Tachi, Kyouhei Shibata, and Director Daisuke Miura.
  • PHOTO Courtesy of Toei

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