Hio Miyazawa and Yuna Kuroshima’s personal life is going well with her partner relationship and pregnancy…but a “tough road to recovery” awaits her. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hio Miyazawa and Yuna Kuroshima’s personal life is going well with her partner relationship and pregnancy…but a “tough road to recovery” awaits her.

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The surprise announcement early in the new year drew a wave of congratulations from the public

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a rush of big-name marriages, including those of Tsuyoshi Domoto (44) of KinKi Kids, Natsunako Momota (29) of Momoiro Clover Z, Yuichi Nakamaru (40) of KAT-TUN, and Rina Sasazaki (31), a former announcer for Nippon Television Network Corporation. One of the most celebrated was the “de facto marriage” and “pregnancy” of actress Yuna Kuroshima (26) and actor Hio Miyazawa Hio Miyazawa (29). The entertainment desk of a sports newspaper explains.

The two actors played a married couple in the NHK TV series “Chimudo-don” in 2010, which led to their relationship. They began living together last spring and nurtured their relationship. What surprised me was his thoughts on marriage: “We haven’t thought about registering since we started dating, and we would like to discuss and decide when the time is right for us.

Kuroshima is one of the leading young actresses of her generation, having starred in the NHK morning drama “Chimudo-don” in 2010. A source at a major advertising agency provides details of her career to date.

She won a special prize in the “WILLCOM Okinawa’s Image Girl Contest” in 2011, and made her debut in the entertainment industry the following year in 2012. In 2003, she was selected as a commercial character for “Calpis Water,” and in the movie “Ashita ni Naru Naru. In 1919, she was cast in a major TV drama series, “I’ll Be There,” which was broadcast in Japan. In 2007, she appeared in the historical drama “Idaten: Tokyo Olimpic Story” (NHK), and was also highly acclaimed for her role as the heroine in “Katsuben! (Katsuben!), directed by Masayuki Suo (67), for which she won the 43rd Japan Academy Prize for Best Newcomer Actor.

The image of purity that Kuroshima exudes is highly supported by clients, and this is a major factor that has further boosted her popularity and name recognition, according to an analyst from a major advertising agency.

While her agency has many popular actresses and actors such as Kurashina (Kana, 36), Tsuchiya (Tao Tsuchiya, 29), Nikaido (Fumi, 29), Mori (Nana Mori, 22), and even Narita (Ryo, 30), Kuroshima’s commercial popularity is enormous, and she can be called the commercial queen of her agency. She has a great track record. However, if she becomes pregnant and gives birth, she will not be able to work for at least one year, which will be a considerable blow to the agency, as there is no sales forecast for her.

Kuroshima was active in movies, TV dramas, and commercials. It was in this context that Kuroshima got married to Miyazawa, but his office took a strict stance from the beginning. A source in the movie industry gave the inside story.

A source in the film industry gave an inside story: “The office had repeated discussions with Kuroshima since last summer, when she had decided to marry Miyazawa. However, Ms. Kuroshima’s will remained firm. The gap between the two was only widening, and then the pregnancy was discovered. Of course, the staff was in turmoil. In the end, they respected her will and approved the marriage, but the gap that had developed between the two remained.

While their personal lives appear to be smooth sailing, there is a possibility that they may face difficulties at work in the future.

“Since last fall, the office has turned down many offers to Ms. Kuroshima and has been cutting back on her activities. This is because they are considering hedging their risk since marriage would have an impact on their work. There is a big gap between the two, and even if she wanted to return to work after her pregnancy and childbirth, there is no denying that she might lose her place at the office if this situation continues. If that happens, it will be an even more difficult road to get back to work.

A similar case can be seen in the case of Tao Tsuchiya, who married GENERATIONS member Ryota Katayose (29) and had a baby last year before making a comeback. However, while Tsuchiya has a rich career and accomplishments as an actress, including being selected to play the heroine in “The Abominable Detective Who Came Back,” a movie to be released this spring starring Hiroshi Tachi (73) and Kyouhei Shibata (72), Kuroshima’s career is still in its infancy and one wonders where it will lead her.

≪I have a lot to learn from his consideration for others and the way he approaches his work, and above all, I felt that he would be an important life partner and family member for the rest of my life because he accepts me as I am.

Kuroshima expressed his single-minded love for Miyazawa. We hope to see her smile again at …….

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