Korean Women Golfers Mastering the Art of Elegance and Skill as Public Relations Models in Tight Wear | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Korean Women Golfers Mastering the Art of Elegance and Skill as Public Relations Models in Tight Wear

The professional golf tour is now underway across the sea. The lineup ranges from last season's prize money queen to promising newcomers who boast popularity on par with idols!

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Kim, Jae Hee (23), a former Golden Rookie who is determined to make a comeback.
In her first year as a professional, in 2020, she won the prize money queen title on the lower tours. She showed off her gold dress as a publicity model.

The magnificent battles of the Tsuyokawa golfers have also begun across the sea.

On April 4th, the domestic tournament of Korean women’s professional golf kicked off. Drawing intense attention from fans are the 12 ‘public relations models,’ who have become the faces of the women’s golf world.

“‘Public relations models’ are selected from players participating regularly in the first-tier tour through fan voting and other methods. They represent the golf world, appearing in promotional magazines and merchandise, and hold the title of top professionals combining popularity and skill,” says sports writer Kim Myung-yul.

This year, the dazzling dress figures of the public relations models were unveiled. Park Kyul (28) confidently wore a dark blue dress with a sheer feel, showcasing her excellent figure.

“She stands tall at 167cm with slender limbs, earning her the nickname ‘real-life Barbie doll.’ Last year, she made it into the top 10 four times. This season, she aims for her second victory. Also, attention was drawn to Park Hyun-kyung (24), known for her idol-like popularity with a cute smile, whose dress appearance was eye-catching. She achieved her fourth victory last year, working closely with her father, who serves as her caddy.

Lee Yewon, 21, has captivated fans with her overwhelming skills. Last season, she clinched the money queen title along with the three major titles, including the MVP of the year. Other notable players include Kim Jae Hee (23), who previously won the money queen title on the lower-tier tour,” adds the same source.


Not limited to Japan, focusing on their performances allows us to enjoy golf even more.

Park Kyul (28), boasting an excellent figure, is known as the real-life Barbie doll.
Although her visual appeal is often the center of attention, her tee shots and putting accuracy are top class. She is aiming for her second win in a row with her captivating play.
Lee Ye-Won (21), the young prize money queen, is aiming for back-to-back championships.
In her second full-fledged season on the first division tour, Lee Ye-Won won three tournaments last season. The supernova chose a fresh, pure white dress.
Park Hyun-kyung (24), a Korean golf idol with a fan club
She is popular for her looks that rival those of legitimate idols. This time, she chose a pure white long dress that made the most of her neatness.

From the April 19, 2024 issue of FRIDAY


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