I’m really bad at it”…New heroine, Shinna Sakurai, “Generation No.1 Tsuyokawa golfer” Beautiful close-up photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I’m really bad at it”…New heroine, Shinna Sakurai, “Generation No.1 Tsuyokawa golfer” Beautiful close-up photos

In her victory interview, she said, "I'm not very good at it. ......

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Kokona Sakurai (19)

After winning five tournaments on the Step Up Tour for newcomers, Kokona Sakurai (19) won her first JLPGA Tour event on July 2 at the Shiseido Ladies Open, and then won her second event this season at the Rakuten Super Ladies (July 27-30).

However, in an interview after the match, she humbly said, “I’m really not very good at it.

Sakurai-san is a player who never loses her ambition to improve under any circumstances. After holing out at the Udon Ladies, her fifth win on the Step Tour, she said, “At first, my goal was to become the money queen, but now my dream is to play overseas. I have my eyes on the world even before I have won on the tour.

Another of her strengths is that she can use her frustration as a springboard. When she and Haruka Kawasaki (20) played together in last year’s Kaga Electronics Cup, a rookie tournament, she was so shocked at the difference in their abilities that she cried afterward. After that experience, I studied hard during my time off, including a training camp in Indonesia,” said Ikuyo Shiotani, a professional golf commentator.

Sakurai has a strong image of a “flyer” with an average tee shot distance of 256.32 yards (3rd this season), but Shiotani’s focus is on his “competitive spirit.

He is a good player,” said Shiotani. “Technically, I still have some things to improve, such as my approach and putting accuracy. But she has the concentration to make a solid pin in the playoff at the Shiseido Ladies, the persistence to take chances, and the strength of mind to take advantage of the flow. That is her potential for growth.

The day when she can win an overseas major seems to be near.

Born in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, her 166cm tall tee shot is a big attraction.

From the August 18-25, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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