Hiroshi Sekiguchi to Resign from ”Sunday Morning” in March, Launch New Program on BS in April | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroshi Sekiguchi to Resign from ”Sunday Morning” in March, Launch New Program on BS in April

What will happen to "big-name talents" such as Akiko Wada and Soichiro Tahara? ......

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Hiroshi Sekiguchi is leaving the TBS affiliate “Sunday Morning” at the end of March. ……

Hiroshi Sekiguchi, the host of “Sunday Morning” (TBS), will be leaving the show for the last time on March 31.

This is a long-running program that has continued for over 36 years since 1987, but Sekiguchi will be leaving the show at the end of March. He will be replaced by freelance announcer Takako Semba.

In the broadcast on March 24, Sekiguchi said, “See you next week,

See you next week.

but did not mention that the next week would be his last.

One would think that Hiroshi Sekiguchi would finally retire (……), but that is not the case.

From April 21, he will be hosting a new program on BS-TBS, “Sekiguchi Hiroshi no Kono Dareru! (Sundays at noon) on BS-TBS from April 21.

However, according to a TV station official, it is “inevitable” in the entertainment industry.

According to a TV station official, however, it is “inevitable” in the entertainment industry. It is not uncommon to find that station employees who were ADs when the program was first launched have become executives, and it is common for them to be unable to stand up to the bigwigs who have contributed so much to the station.

When Mr. Mino Monta graduated from the “Kenmin Show,” he prepared a replacement morning program, “Asa kara Mino Monta” (Yomiuri TV, Kansai local), to keep his good name. If it didn’t get the numbers he wanted, we said, “With your understanding, we’ll have you retire.

As expected, Mino’s program was cancelled after about seven months.

The big names are connected to the big names in the production industry, so we cannot treat them lightly. If they don’t show that they will take good care of the people who have helped them, they will have trouble with the next booking. Even if the program is not getting any numbers at all, it cannot be simply terminated.

(The same TV station official) Sekiguchi’s program often becomes internet news because of the flames of his comments every week, but the other program by a big name that often becomes a hot topic is “Akko ni Omakase! (TBS), which has been on the air since 1985, making it a longer-running program than Sekiguchi’s.

(TBS), which has been on the air since 1985 and has been on the air longer than Sekiguchi’s program.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t know anything about criminal or civil cases, so if something happens, don’t you think you should immediately talk to a police officer?

This comment drew fire for its lack of understanding of the victims’ feelings.

He was criticized for not understanding the victim’s feelings, and was flamed for his comment, “I think he has been elevated too much as an ‘opinionated person’ and is forcing himself to make comments that end up in flames. That’s how much the big-name celebrities are the “king of nakedness. They have so much power that the staff cannot pay attention to them, regardless of their ignorance or misguided ideas.

Furthermore, since Wada’s office, Horipro, is involved in the planning and production of this program, it is even more difficult to have him “graduate. That is why everyone is hoping that he will read the situation and “retire” himself. They are not just saying, “Please don’t quit. Even if they become old men, they still cling to their current positions in the entertainment industry.

(A wide-show insider) “Newlyweds! (TV Asahi), Takashi Fujii from Yoshimoto and Sakiraku Inoue from Hollypro succeeded them. So much so, it seems, that the TV industry has to be disciplined by their offices.

Another person who has come under fire for being told to “retire” every time his program is broadcast is Soichiro Tahara, the host of “Live TV till Morning” (TV Asahi).

Every time he interrupts someone’s conversation or makes assumptions about something and curses the other person, he is inundated with criticism on the Internet news, X, etc. Perhaps it is because of his advanced age, but he has recently been getting a lot of criticism from the media. Perhaps because of his advanced age, he is frequently seen listening back to what the other person is saying. However, as for the TV stations, it seems that it is difficult for them to give Tahara the same kind of backing as they have given to the big personalities in the past.

From the point of view of the big-name talents, they are simply doing their jobs without any shame, saying, “We are only accepting offers because we are offered them. It seems that in any world, the “decision to quit” is as difficult as ever.

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