A New Success Story…Why the former Johnny’s office, which is now focusing on the acting business, is finding a way to use the Meguro Ren role model. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A New Success Story…Why the former Johnny’s office, which is now focusing on the acting business, is finding a way to use the Meguro Ren role model.

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Ren Meguro won the Best Newcomer Award at this year’s Yokohama Film Festival. He has made remarkable progress in his acting career.

Half a year has passed since the Johnny’s office turmoil triggered by the sexual assault by the late Mr. Kitagawa Johnny’s. However, as usual, the talents who belonged to SMILE-UP. However, as usual, the talents who belonged to SMILE-UP. (former Johnny’s) have not disappeared from TV. The entertainment desk of a sports newspaper explains how the former Johnny’s will be reorganized this spring.

The sports newspaper’s entertainment desk explains, “A total of eight NHK TV and radio programs will end this spring, and the former Johnny’s will continue to appear on TV after April. Furthermore, there are no plans to revive programs related to the former Johnny’s after April, and there is no possibility of guest appearances. On the other hand, Fuji Television is terminating four of its programs, including those featuring KinKi Kids and SUPER EIGHT (former members of Kanjani Eight), but other stations have not made any major changes, so they are still forced to rely on the old Johnny’s.”

The sales of talent for drama productions is particularly noteworthy. Recently, “Tokyo Tower” (TV Asahi), the first drama starring Ren Nagase (25) of King & Prince, was announced. This line of business has been influenced by past successes. A source at a major advertising agency provides an actual example.

”This is the model case of Snow Man, Meguro Ren (27).” His big break came when he appeared in the hit TV drama “silent” (Fuji TV), which was broadcast in the October 2010 season and became a social phenomenon. His popularity has had a positive impact on the group, and Snow Man’s fan club has more than 1.3 million members, the largest of any group in the office. The group’s flagship program, “Let Snow Man Do It” (TBS), has been officially announced to continue airing, and it is no exaggeration to say that they are now the face of the office.

On March 7, Kirin HD announced the continuation of the commercials in which Meguro appears. The reason for this was that “we reaffirmed the affinity with our products and our company’s image,” the company wrote. Meguro’s popularity has overcome the headwinds to the firm and gives hope for a sign of image recovery.

Last year’s sex-abuse scandal caused a great deal of controversy worldwide, and a number of foreign companies cancelled or suspended the use of their talents in commercials. Meguro became the first Japanese to be appointed as an ambassador for FENDI. It is extremely unusual for a former Johnny’s talent to be selected as an ambassador of a foreign brand at this time. Meguro’s success is a shining example for the agency, and it is clear that they have gained confidence in their policy of using him as a role model to create second and third success stories in the future.

Perhaps wanting to emulate this success story, the appointment of a candidate for the next signing of the company has already become conspicuous. A source in the entertainment industry revealed.

In the January season, Ren Nagase appeared in “Kitchen Arisu” (NTV), and Shunsuke Michieda, 21, a Naniwa boy, played the leading role in “Mars: Zero no Kakumei” (TV Asahi). (TV Asahi).

The next generation of talents, especially the two who have been popular for a long time, are beginning to make notable forays into the acting business. Furthermore, Kimpuri lost popular members such as Shiyoh Hirano last year, and Naniwa Otoko has been stagnant due to the repeated love scandals of its members. The group’s activities are not making good waves, which may be the reason why they are shifting their focus to acting. If a cycle can be established in which the activities of Nagase and Michieda are returned to the group in the same manner as Meguro, it will certainly be a foothold for the revival of the office, and we cannot take our eyes off of them in the future.

Will the introduction of a new success model lead to a comeback?

Meguro giving a speech at the Yokohama Film Festival
Last year was a year of breakthroughs for Meguro as an actor, as he won the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role and the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by a Newcomer in an Actor.
His behavior has a certain dignity to it.
He also showed a smile at times.
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