Ren Meguro, Koji Mukai, Raoul…even Shota Watanabe? Fuji started to promote Snow Man members “out of the blue”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ren Meguro, Koji Mukai, Raoul…even Shota Watanabe? Fuji started to promote Snow Man members “out of the blue”.

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Meguro Ren on location for “The Beginning of the Sea. The first episode received a lot of feedback on the Internet after the broadcast (June 21, ’24).

The “Oricon H1 Ranking 2024” was released on June 24, and “Snow Man” ranked No. 1 in the four categories of “Single,” “DVD,” “Blu-ray Disc,” and “Music DVD/BD. ‘ll go together” sold 1,258,000 copies, becoming the only single to exceed the million-seller mark during the period. This was the third time for a male artist to reach No. 1 in the first half of the year.

The former Johnny’s (SMILE-UP.) office’s sexual misconduct problem has caused no small amount of damage to their talent, but “Snow Man” has suffered no damage at all. Among the groups belonging to the former Johnny’s, they are now the only group with a key station program in the golden and prime time slot (7-11 p.m.), “Let It Be Snow Man” (hereafter referred to as “Sorekosuno,” TBS). Now that Arashi is on hiatus, they have become a group that bears the signature of the office,” said a reporter in charge of broadcasting.

On July 1, “Umi no Hajimari” (The Beginning of the Sea), a Gekkan 9 drama series starring Ren Meguro (27), started on Fuji Television Network. Although the first viewing rate did not reach double digits, it recorded 8.0% (Video Research, Kanto region, hereafter the same), exceeding the ratings of the previous four dramas in the same slot. Although the average household viewer rating has not been good recently for “Gekkan 9,” it is expected to grow in the future.

Koji Mukai (30) also appeared in the Kantele/Fuji drama “Mountain Doctor,” which started on August 8. In addition, he will appear in the station’s variety program “Entertainers Really Think! As the character Massaman, which was created in the station’s variety show “Surprise GP,” he will be the main character in the station’s major annual summer event “Odaiba Adventure King 2024” (July 20 to August 25).

Furthermore, Raoul (21), who recently announced that he has signed a contract with “Bananas Models,” a model agency in Paris, France, will be a supporting supporter for the “Dance Competition,” a project within the large-scale special program “FNS 27 Hours TV 2024” (broadcast from July 20 to 21). In conjunction with this, he is in charge of “Entertainment Presenter” for the morning information program “Mezamashi TV” for the month of July. Tatsuya Fukasawa (32) also appeared as one of the main cast members in the January Kantele/Fuji drama “Haru ni Nareta” starring Tonneruzu/Kenbu Kinashi (62) and Nao (29) prior to the three of them.

And Shota Watanabe (31) was the MC for the one-off program “Kono Sekai wa 1 Dafuru” (This World is 1 Dafuru) broadcast on May 3 with TV personality Koji Higashino (56), his first MC challenge.

It was reported in some quarters that “1 Dafuru,” in which Watanabe will appear, has been selected to replace “Odo Odo x Harahara,” which will end this fall, and that the possibility of Watanabe taking over as MC has emerged.

Last fall, Fuji Television had refrained from appointing former Johnny’s talents to new regular programs when there were major headwinds for the agency due to the problems with Mr. Johnny’s. However, the station has not only lifted the ban, but has used members of “Snow Man” as the “faces” of the station’s big summer events and special programs. It was a complete reversal of fortune for other stations and other entertainment agencies that had been trying to fill the slots left vacant by the absence of the former Johnny’s.” (Source: “The station’s announcement of “Snow Man” as the “face” of the station’s summer events and special programs was a complete surprise to all.)

If the station is so eager to use “Snow Man,” one might be tempted to wonder if there is something behind it, but it seems that there is a good reason.

TBS’s “Itsukusuno” has moved from the Sunday noon slot to the Friday GP slot, and perhaps to accommodate the members’ busy schedules, the program has focused on dance projects, which has been quite unpopular with fans. This was not well received by the fans, and the regular program’s ratings were in the 5% range, and even the rating for the two-hour SP broadcast on the 28th was 7.3%, a poor figure for a special program.

However, if we were to do a crown program, we would aim for a variety show that brings out the individuality of each member, like SMAP’s “SMAP x SMAP” did in the past, and we have the know-how to do that. (Fuji’s variety team staff)

At this point, it may still be a one-sided love affair, but will Fuji’s intentions come to fruition?

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Meguro plays the lead role in his first Tsuki 9 drama. He is also attracting attention in that he is playing a father for the first time.
Raoul at the Mos Burger commercial presentation in March ’22.
Mukai at the NTT Docomo event held on the day of his debut in January ’20.
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