Kimura, Sakai, Muro, Shinjo… Male celebrities in their 40’s have a “dignified sense of personal dress”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kimura, Sakai, Muro, Shinjo… Male celebrities in their 40’s have a “dignified sense of personal dress”!

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I’m getting into the groove. Ten. +10 1 A close look at the private fashion of celebrities

In our popular series of articles, we select images of celebrities in their off-duty scenes and take an in-depth look at their private outfits. This time, we’re limiting it to male celebrities in their 40s, who are active at a rapid pace, and taking the liberty of evaluating their sense of fashion.

(Photo by: Yuri Adachi (left), Junsei Todoroki (middle), Saki Hotta (right))

Topping the list is the ever popular Takuya Kimura (49). This shot was taken when he came back to Japan after filming an overseas drama in Italy this summer.

Takuya Kimura’s dignified private life

Not only his clothes, but also his bag, shoes, sunglasses, and mask are all monotone and stylish (Photo by Tetsuya Takahashi)

This is a cool monotone coordination of a casual border tee with black pants and leather shoes. It’s a different look from the rough look he wears when he walks his dog with his wife and daughter.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s perfect coordination that does not skimp on the use of accessories

I’m curious about the shoes he wore with this outfit… (photo by Junjo Todoroki)

Next is Mr. Kusanagi (47), who was caught at a common supermarket in Tokyo this summer. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but as he has been inducted into the Best Geninist Hall of Fame in the past, I guessed that he would be wearing a jacket and pants made of denim. He added his own touches with a cap, stole, and belt for a perfectly flawless look. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this look.

This is the first time I’ve seen her in a dress.

This is the first time I’ve seen her in a dress. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you. The colors are very pop and charming, as well as the perfect balance that makes the most of her tall stature. Just looking at her makes me feel naturally cheerful. I couldn’t help but reflect on my own fashion style, which tends to rely on black and gray.

Kenichi Takito’s highly original vintage clothing style

The patterned shirt, which would look a little awkward on a regular guy, is completely his own (photo by Yuri Adachi).

Mr. Takito, 45, is known for his love of fashion, and is even known as “the biggest clothes idiot in the acting world. He is known for his love of fashion and is even known as the “biggest clothes idiot in the acting world. On this day, he wore an old-fashioned patterned shirt and cargo pants with a hat, sunglasses, and beans. He looked more like a musician or an artist than an actor, which caught our attention.

Tokyo 03 Akihiro Kakuta’s plain casual look is just like his personality.

I almost passed it off as “too plain…” but… (photo by Yuri Adachi)

Akihiro Kakuta, 47, is a member of Tokyo 03, the second king of the King of Comedy, and is now in demand for dramas and commercials due to his high level of acting ability. As you can see, Mr. Tsunoda (47) has a very simple and basic private fashion. He wears a plain T-shirt, slightly tapered denims, a black backpack and sneakers. Just as I was about to dismiss her as “too plain,” a pair of Vans sneakers caught my eye. Maybe he likes street fashion?

Black, black, black…celebrities love black! What do you think? Masato Sakai, Hiroki Hasegawa, and Yo Oizumi

Black is a color that blends easily into the city and people’s surroundings, and can camouflage your true identity without any difficulty. As I discussed in a previous article, celebrities wear black at an exceptionally high rate. Actors in their 40’s are no exception to this trend.

In March of last year, Masato Sakai (48), after filming for the hit drama “Hanzawa Naoki,” wore all black in a rough fashion. His wife, who is known for her good taste, has been known to have made his personal clothes more fashionable since their marriage.
Yo Oizumi, 48, is very active in TV dramas and as an MC. In July this year, he stopped by a famous bakery in Tokyo and wore all black, from his short-sleeved shirt to his pants, cap, and sneakers (photo by Yuri Adachi).
Hiroki Hasegawa (44) has been caught in his casual clothes many times during the filming of the historical drama. It is impressive that he always wears loose, dark-toned items (photo by: Tachihara Emi)

A super rough summer coat that makes me feel twice as close to him. ! Murotsuyoshi and Peace Matayoshi

It’s a little out of season, but I couldn’t miss these two. Their outfits are no different from the average person’s, or maybe even rougher than that, but why do they look so stylish? Their hairstyles and glasses are also unique, but I wonder if it is the result of their lovable characters and presence.

Muro Tsuyoshi (45) has been attracting attention for his wide range of acting skills, from comedy to serious. On a summer day, he wore a loose t-shirt and denim, a very casual look. The beans on his feet were a nice touch (photo by Sota Shima).
It was in September of this year that I encountered Naoki Matayoshi (41), the Akutagawa Prize-winning author and member of the comedy duo Peace, in an off-duty scene. He was wearing a loose tee and pants with a backpack and beesangs for a one-mile outfit (photo by Masaaki Saito).

Don’t miss the stylish look of “Big Boss” Tsuyoshi Shinjo!

(Photo: Kyodo News)

The last in our fashion checklist of male celebrities in their 40s is Takashi Shinjo, 49, the new manager of Nippon Ham, “Big Boss. He is not a celebrity, but we have high hopes for his future career.

This is the airport fashion he wore when he arrived in Okinawa to observe the autumn camp. I couldn’t help but comment, “Visual-kei? but it seems to be a well-known brand in the area. Regardless of his good or bad taste, or whether he looks good or not, I’m impressed by his spirit of service that makes us enjoy our eyes every now and then. I would like to continue to persistently observe the fashion of Big Boss.

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots of male celebrities in their 40s wearing a wide variety of casual clothes. I know I say this every time, but there are always interesting discoveries to be made when you put the photos together and take a closer look. The celebrities are also exciting their fans with their personal clothes.

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