Dutch model “Ella Freya” shows off her stunning beauty on the runway of global “Lolita fashion”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dutch model “Ella Freya” shows off her stunning beauty on the runway of global “Lolita fashion”!

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Only in this magazine will you be able to see Ella in this outfit!

It’s like a dream come true to be able to participate in a show of a brand I’ve always wanted to be a part of. I have to convey the charm of the clothes, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to walk properly because I’m so nervous.

Ella Freya, 26, from the Netherlands, who came into the limelight as the face model for the heroine Ashley in “Resident Evil RE:4,” put her hand on her chest and repeated breathing slowly.

On February 18, she appeared as a model for the new collections of Lolita brands “Baby the Stars Shine Bright” and “Alice and the Pirates. Just before the runway, she gave an interview to this magazine.

I love Japanese anime and manga such as ‘NANA’ and ‘Lucky Star,’ and I was attracted to Lolita fashion when I saw the movie ‘Shimotsuma Monogatari’ at the age of 13.

I was attracted to Lolita fashion when I saw the movie ‘Shimotsuma Monogatari’ when I was 13,” Ella continued.

There was a Lolita fashion store in Utrecht, Holland, and I used to get together with friends dressed in Lolita clothes and have tea parties. Ten years ago, people wore blouses over jumperskirts and didn’t show their shoulders, but now they do. Lolita may have changed a little, but it is still cute in different countries and times. The cuteness of Lolita will never change.

In preparation for the show, she says she has been doing muscle training twice a week at the gym and practicing yoga to improve her posture.

I ate normally, but I cut back on sweets. I also went to the gym at night when no one was around to practice for the runway. For the show, I also wear a wig, so my balance is different from usual. I had to think about the position of my neck.

She checked the line of flow with the staff several times right up to the day of the show. Thanks to her efforts, she was able to walk with such confidence that it was hard to believe it was her first time. Backstage after the show, when a Japanese model said to her, “You look like Cinderella,” she replied, “I’m Ella. Cinderella de sasu,” she responded with a gag.

It was the memory of a lifetime. It was a happy, powerful day. My dream came true.”

Satisfied, she said, “I’m looking forward to tonight’s sweets. I can’t wait to see what I’m going to eat tonight.

I first came to Japan in 1919, when I was 21 years old. She dropped out of university in the Netherlands and worked as a model in Taiwan for six months before coming to Japan.

After returning to the Netherlands to recover from an operation for a chronic illness, she began a full-fledged YouTube campaign in Japanese to improve the Japanese she had learned. A video of him touring the scenic spots of Oita Prefecture and soaking in a hot spring was viewed 11.6 million times. Because of his physical condition, he cannot tolerate the humid Japanese summer, so he travels back and forth between the Netherlands and Japan.

I went back to the Netherlands again this summer,” he said. In Holland, I was editing a lot of videos I took in Japan to upload them. I have a twin sister and she helped me. My sister is as happy as I am that I became an influencer in Japan.

She is also active as a gravure model and has released six digital photo books. She also appears on variety shows, and her activities are expanding from SNS. She laughs and says, “I need to study Japanese more.

I want to try my hand at singing, so I sing Akina Nakamori’s “Shojo A” at karaoke. Kanji is difficult for me, but I can read it with furigana.

She came to Japan because of her love for Lolita fashion and became a charismatic influencer. Her childhood dream is now coming true in Japan.

Here is Ella’s latest photo book, “6th Digital Photo Book: Moe Moe Moe”!

Ella in her “Alice and the Pirates” outfit.
She stood out very much because of her height.
The models walking side by side was a sight to behold!
A large gathering of models from the two brands!
A scene from the rehearsal
Ms. Ella being interviewed by this magazine and having her picture taken
Ella was kind enough to give us an interview after the show.
Ella was happy to have made a friend! Ella is happy to have made a friend!
Group photo after the rehearsal
  • Interview and text by Daisuke Iwasaki PHOTO Takeshi Kinugawa

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