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Hakuho Under Stable Custody for Disciples Violence, Unveils Secret Decade-Long Strategy

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Heavy punishment for Miyagino Oyakata, but after 10 years ……

What will happen to Miyagino Oyakata (former yokozuna Hakuho, 38), who received a heavy disciplinary action as a result of knowing about his daily violence against junior rikishi and continuing to let it continue? ……

On February 21, the Japan Sumo Association held a Compliance Committee meeting to discuss the fact that his younger apprentice, Kitaseiho of the makuuchi rank, had engaged in violence against his younger apprentice for many years. As a result, it was confirmed that between July 2010 and November 2011, Kitaseiho had repeatedly assaulted two of his younger brothers, including hitting them on the buttocks with a broom and holding a burner-shaped flame close to their bodies. It is also known that he stole money from other rikishi during practice.

On the 23rd, the JSA accepted the “retirement notice” submitted by Hokushoho the day before. Miyagino Oyakata, who knew of the violence and failed to report it to the ASA, was given a two grade demotion and a reduction in his compensation. The reasons,

The board of directors confirmed that Miyagino lacked the necessary training and awareness as a stablemaster.

The board of directors confirmed that Miyagino lacks the qualities and awareness required of a master.

The demotion is the third most serious punishment after dismissal and recommendation for retirement. It means that he has fallen to the lowest rank of nenyoro, except for counselors who are rehired by the committee members. It was announced that the stable will now be taken care of by the Isegahama clan to which it belongs, and that the March tournament will be taken by Tamagaki Oyakata (former kotoshi Tomonohana), a member of the Oshima clan’s Oshima stable. Tamagaki Oyakata has an unusual background as a former teacher and is well-liked. He is said to be the right person for the job of “educator” for Miyagino Oyakata.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Even so, while Miyagino Oyakata was yokozuna, Tamagaki Oyakata’s highest rank was komusubi.

It is hard to believe that Miyagino would listen to his master’s instruction and say, ‘Yes, I understand.

Former Sumo Association external committee member and cartoonist Yaku Mitsuru, who has repeatedly complained about Hakuho’s behavior during his active career, said, “Hakuho was a very good wrestler, but I don’t think he would have listened to his boss’s instruction.

During his active career, Hakuho often caused problems and was called in to the association to receive attention. Each time he hung his head deeply, but the person who called him out did not ask him why he was called out. He was just given a warning each time. What was wrong with me? What should I do next time? He did not say “What was wrong with me?

In other words, because he did not receive proper education from his stablemaster during his working years, he definitely lacked the attitude to think for himself and actively apologize and talk about it. This time, too, Hakuho hung his head in front of the room with Hokushoho and gave a perfunctory explanation. But this is not enough to get a statement. I think he will repeat the same thing again.

The only question is why Hakuho could not admonish and instruct Hokushoho, who was violent in his room. It is hard to believe that Hokushobo would not listen to the guidance of a respected yokozuna from his hometown. …… Mr. Yaku continues.

Hakuho did whatever he wanted when he was active. Therefore, he had no actual experience of receiving guidance from his stablemaster, or of being told the correct path to take. I wondered if I would be able to become a stablemaster and teach my apprentice not only sumo but also how to live as a human being.

After becoming a stablemaster, he was very enthusiastic about gathering disciples, as if it were his duty to do so. He was also very busy with his own events and lectures. It seems that he was preoccupied with making himself visible and improving his own reputation, but he was so focused on the outside that he neglected the guidance of his disciples.

One of the reasons why Miyagino Oyakata’s punishment was so severe was that he did not report Kitaoshiho’s violent behavior to the association even after he became aware of it.

When Hakuho assumed the title of nenyonomagaki, he was made to sign a written pledge prepared by the association that he would not say or do anything that deviated from the way of sumo,” Miyagino said. In other words, he was told, ‘If you get into trouble again, there is no way out. That is why he had no choice but to hide this issue. In the end, I think that what he had done up to that point was also applied to Hokushoho.

So what will happen to Miyagino Oyakata in the future? A reporter in charge of sumo for a sports newspaper said, “Miyagino Oyakata has been a great sumo master since his active days,

Miyagino Oyakata has been in the top ranks of the association ever since he was active in the sport, Miyagino Oyakata is said to have told everyone around him that his ultimate goal was to become the head of the association. As long as he has that vision, I think he will remain in the association.

Yaku also has the following prediction.

But as long as the current executives have their eyes on him, I think he will remain suppressed. But in 10 years, the current top management will be gone. When that happens, there is a good chance that he will be in power, saying things like, ‘A lot of things happened in the past. Because he was an absolute yokozuna.

A strong rikishi with whom you have fought together is someone you still admire, even after all these years. He is far more popular among his own people than people think. For the rikishi who fought in the same era, Hakuho’s presence is absolute. He has no choice but to exercise restraint for now, but that is not likely to change. Association officials can continue to restrain him, but they cannot educate him. In the meantime, I hope Asakayama Oyakata (former Ozeki Kaio) and Nisshonoseki Oyakata (former Yokozuna Rarezuri) will learn the art of teikagaku and become his opponents. ……”

Even Yaku, who continues to hold a harsh view of Miyagino Oyakata, predicts that he may be at the top of the association in a decade or more. …… We cannot take our eyes off Miyagino Oyakata’s movements after the March tournament.

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