Princess Aiko and Princess Kako in royal blue dresses… Will the two PRINCESS PRINCESSES open up the “Imperial Household of Reiwa”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Princess Aiko and Princess Kako in royal blue dresses… Will the two PRINCESS PRINCESSES open up the “Imperial Household of Reiwa”?

Attending the General Visitation together with 16,000 people, though they are very different types of people. ......

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Princess Aiko wore a pale white dress to the general reception.
Kako was dressed in a royal blue dress. Both stood in front of the crowd on three occasions.

Unfortunately, it was raining lightly on the Emperor’s birthday. Despite the bitter cold, as many as 16,000 people came to the general visit, which was held without drawing lots for the first time in four years.

Among the members of the Emperor’s family and the Akishino family, the two most notable guests were Princess Aiko (22) and Princess Kako (29).

Aiko had considered studying abroad since both of her parents had studied in England, but after graduating from Gakushuin University, she chose to work for the Japanese Red Cross Society. I felt that she wanted to prioritize her official duties over her personal wishes. On the other hand, Princess Kako has sometimes caused a stir with her outspoken comments on gender issues, but she has shown a willingness to follow the path she believes is right and to communicate her views. She is a PRINCESS PRINCESS in contrast,” said a journalist from the Imperial Household.

Prince Hisahito of Akishino, 17, the eldest son of the Akishino family, is certain to enter university from next year. Because his studies will take priority, the two PRINCESS PRINCESSES will have to take charge of official duties as one of the few youngest members of the Imperial Family.

At a palace luncheon with the President of Kenya and his wife, Princess Aiko behaved with dignity. Since last year, Princess Kako has also been performing her official duties at a high pace that could be described as a rush. Since the uproar over Mako’s marriage, the Imperial Household Agency has been corruptly trying to improve the image of the Imperial Family. In this respect, the two of them will play a greater role in the future in addition to their official duties.

Thoughtfulness” and “ability to communicate. As long as these two men with their different charms are around, the future of the Imperial Household in Reiwa is bright.

From the March 15, 2024 issue of FRIDAY


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