A golden ring shines on her ring finger… [Scoop shot! Kyoka Suzuki, too beautiful “shocking brown hair, belly-short” photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A golden ring shines on her ring finger… [Scoop shot! Kyoka Suzuki, too beautiful “shocking brown hair, belly-short” photo

Her devoted boyfriend, Hiroki Hasegawa, who was nursing her, will also star in the April season of "Sunday Gekijo

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Adult love never ends.

This was the copy attached to the 2011 film version of the popular NHK drama “Second Virginity,” which depicted an affair between a middle-aged woman and a young man 17 years her junior.

A divorced publishing producer played by Kyoka Suzuki (55) and a married career bureaucrat played by Hiroki Hasegawa (46) fall madly in love. The two meet in this film, which includes a daring bed scene.

Kyoka leaves the beauty parlor. After looking around with slitted eyes peeking through her mask, she gets into the pickup truck with strong steps.

It wasn’t long before they fell in love, even in real life. In October of the year the movie was released, Sports Nippon scooped their love affair. At the time, Kyoka was 43 and Hasegawa was 34. They were a popular actress and a fledgling actor, and were sometimes derided as a ‘disparate couple.

Their relationship lasted about 13 years, and their relationship changed drastically.

In May of last year, Kyoka announced her withdrawal from the drama series “This Wonderful World” (Fuji Television) in which she was scheduled to star. She only commented through her agency, “I have to take a leave of absence for medical treatment,” and the name of her illness has not yet been disclosed. A senior entertainment executive said, “Immediately after her recuperation, she said, ‘I’m going to be hospitalized.

Immediately after her recuperation, some media reported that she was “hospitalized” or underwent “emergency surgery,” but her office immediately denied it. Her condition was not light, but she chose to recuperate at home. If she chose treatment or surgery with side effects, it was inevitable that her appearance would change. Kyoka did not accept that. I have heard that she once revealed to an acquaintance, ‘I can’t have a scalpel in my body.

It was her aesthetics as an actress.

Hasegawa stood by her. FRIDAY has seen him visiting Kyoka’s apartment on a daily basis many times since last year. One day on a bicycle, the next on an electric kickboard …….

A producer at a key station said.

“Mr. Hasegawa became one of Japan’s leading actors when he played the lead role of Akechi Mitsuhide in the NHK historical drama “Kirin ga Kuru” (The Kirin Comes) in ’20. I bow down to the way he saves his work even though he must be inundated with offers to appear in the drama, and continues to devote himself to his longtime girlfriend.

The True Meaning of Belly Short

On a cold day in early February, Hasegawa was still visiting Kyoka’s apartment. Soon after, a pickup truck appeared and Kyoka went out. Her destination was a hair salon in Tokyo.

When Kyoka came out after about an hour, she had a rather daring makeover, with a very short brown hair. On her right ring finger shone a gold ring.

Josei Seven” reported that she will return for the sequel to the drama “Grand Maison Tokyo” (TBS), but it seems that she has another film that is about to be cranked. It is said that the reason she went belly-short was to prepare for her role in the filming. It is a sign of her strong determination to return to the stage.

At the same time, it was announced that Hasegawa would star in the Sunday drama “Antihero” (TBS) in April. It has been about nine months since Kyoka announced that she would be taking a leave of absence, and the need for a chaperone has probably passed.

Hasegawa and Hasegawa may not be committed to marriage, but given the fact that Kyoka wears a ring on her ring finger, it would not be surprising if there is progress in their relationship.

Fans, and above all Hasegawa, have been waiting for her return to acting for some time now. Their story is about to enter a new phase.

Hasegawa walks along a shopping street in Tokyo in late January. In “Antihero,” in which she plays the lead role, she will play a lawyer who acquits even murderers.
Kyoka Suzuki, in a photo not published in this issue of the magazine, with her determinedly short, brown hair. She also wears a ring on her right ring finger. ……
Kyoka Suzuki, who has never been featured in the magazine, is determined to make a comeback as an actress with a short, brown hair cut. A ring shines on her right ring finger. ……

From the February 23 , 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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