Unconventional Thinking Wins Hearts: Kazushige Nagashima Surprised by Unexpected Cheers Amidst Ongoing Challenges | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Unconventional Thinking Wins Hearts: Kazushige Nagashima Surprised by Unexpected Cheers Amidst Ongoing Challenges

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From left to right: Eiji Wentz, Kazushige Nagashima, Savannah Takahashi, and popular celebrity town location. The cheers for Ichishige were especially loud.

In late January, a variety show was being filmed in Tokyo Station. The group seemed to be strolling through the stores on the premises in a town-browsing style, and several celebrities were walking happily chatting and laughing in the center surrounded by a large number of film crew members. Among them, a man with a large body and a shiny black face was cheered the most by passersby. It was Kazushige Nagashima (58).

He was the man who was the most cheered by the passersby in the “Zawatsuku! Friday” (TV Asahi, hereafter “Zawatsuku”), a spin-off program of “Kazushige Nagashima & Savannah Takahashi’s Zawatsuku! (TV Asahi, hereafter “Zawatsuku”), a spin-off program of “Kazushige Nagashima & Savannah Takahashi’s Zawatsuku! Shigeo Takahashi of Savanna (48) was holding a booklet like a script, and Eiji Wentz (38), two members of Harisenbon, and Airi Taira (39) were wandering around Tokyo Station, talking about how amazing Tokyo Station is.

People who noticed them waved and cheered, but the ladies cheered for Kazushige the most,” said one passerby.

Speaking of Kazushige, he had just caused controversy when he took a winter vacation during the year-end and New Year holidays and missed three consecutive weeks of the “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show” (TV Asahi), for which he serves as a Friday commentator.

He was on vacation for a trip to Hawaii for the New Year’s holiday, which seems to have been an annual tradition for Kazushige. However, some media reported that he returned to the station with a black face after the Noto Peninsula earthquake on January 1, which killed many people, and that there was an “unnecessary argument” within the station.

However, the reaction on SNS was quite the opposite,

If she had applied in advance to take the day off, there would be no problem.

However, the reaction on social networking sites was quite the opposite: “There’s nothing wrong if she had applied for the time off in advance. I think it’s fine even if you don’t care about it at all, since you are expected to be that kind of character.

The majority of the respondents were of the opinion that there was no problem. Haruna Kondo (40), a popular comedian, was also on location that day, but it seems that most of the yellow cheers from the ladies were directed at Kazushige.

On January 4, TV Asahi announced that “Zawatsuku” had recorded an annual average viewer rating of 7.4% for the year ’23, ranking first among all regular variety shows on the network. This is the first time that TV Asahi’s variety program has achieved this feat since 1997, when individual viewership began to be measured. The majority of its viewers are housewives, so his popularity is understandable,” said a person involved in the production of commercial variety shows.

On February 2, Kazushige caused controversy with a problematic comment on “Zawatsuku. Talking about his recent medical hair removal, he began by saying, “I only had the VIO done anyway. Then,

Even I am embarrassed. Two women I don’t know are going to come and look at everything about me. I said, ‘Now that you’ve seen everything about me, why don’t the three of you have dinner together? I said, ‘Well, you’ve seen everything about me, so why don’t the three of us have dinner together?

He revealed. The “Smart Flash” film, which was released on February 4, was reportedly criticized on social networking sites,

It’s disgusting to be on the air. I’m really nauseous.

A typical example of someone who is unaware that he is harassing others.

It is a typical example of harassment without awareness,” etc. However, the SNS also reported the following comments,

“It’s a program made by gathering three people whose thinking is not common from the beginning.

I’m laughing out loud at Kazushige’s words and actions. If you watch a variety show and have to be disciplined about every word of it, it will be a boring show.

There were not a few defenses of Mr. Kazushige.

He is a natural character at first glance, but he always says that he is not suited for television, and even his outspoken pet theories, he says, “If it’s NG, the station can cut it out. It seems that he is prepared to do so to the extent that he would have no choice if he were to be hung out to dry. There are not many TV personalities who can speak out without such a discovery, so it must be refreshing for viewers of the same generation to watch him” (TV magazine writer).

(TV magazine writer) Kazushige’s rapid progress is likely to continue.

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Kazushige, whose black shiny face stood out anyway.
They were filming a scene outside Tokyo Station, chatting and laughing.
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