Kazushige Nagashima Is under Fire for His out of Line Remark on Sushiro’s Plan on “Peropero Boy’s” Law Suit | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kazushige Nagashima Is under Fire for His out of Line Remark on Sushiro’s Plan on “Peropero Boy’s” Law Suit

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Kazushige Nagashima is under fire for his comments about Sushiro.

Sushiro, a major conveyor-belt sushi chain, has filed a lawsuit against a boy who licked the spout of a tabletop soy sauce pitcher and dabbed his saliva on flowing sushi in a Sushiro restaurant. However, Sushiro plans to increase the amount of damages in the future.

The video was reported not only on social networking sites but also on national news programs, and Sushiro suffered a major blow. Not only at the store in question, but also nationwide, the number of customers dropped dramatically, and the parent company’s stock price fell by more than 16 billion yen in one day alone.

Not only that, Sushiro was forced to respond to the situation, and is now installing acrylic panels, the company states

In the complaint, Sushiro stated that it “expects to incur damages of approximately 93 million yen in the future”, and that it plans to increase the amount of its claim.

Even if the amount is increased to 93 million yen, we still don’t know if the full amount will be approved in the court decision, and there is a possibility that the case will be settled in the middle of the trial. In any case, an ordinary family would be hit hard by the amount, and not only the boy but also his family may have to spend the rest of their lives making amends.

However, because the boy is considered to have acted maliciously in this case, there is a high likelihood that the debt will remain as a “ground for non-dischargeable debt,” which means that even if he goes bankrupt, the debt will almost certainly remain. There is no way to avoid liability for damages.

The “Peropero Boy” has inflicted tremendous damage on the conveyor-belt sushi industry, which can be called “Japan’s national food,” but it seems that not all opinions are harsh.

On January 9, TV personality Kazushige Nagashima appeared on the “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show” (TV Asahi) and spoke of the need to rehabilitate the boy.

He stated, “Sushiro should have the boy do things like washing dishes, cleaning, carrying in luggage, and other menial tasks, in my opinion. Sushiro’s image as a company in terms of juvenile education would benefit from this. At the same time, the boy can reflect and feel the gravity of his crime.”

However, this has sparked much online criticism..

Why should we train him and risk introducing a “element of worry” into the restaurant? What we want is to return to a state in which everyone can eat sushi without fear.

What if he licks the plate?

Don’t act like a good guy and make absurd suggestions.

You’re the one who should hire him!

The “Kazushige Nagashima” name began trending on Twitter immediately after the broadcast.

The boy’s mother is thought to be overwhelmed with responsibility. It’s unfortunate for the parents because the boy did it without their knowledge, but his guardians will also be held accountable because he’s a high school student.

The boy was identified on the Internet, which made it impossible for him to stay in high school, and he voluntarily dropped out of school. He will have a hard time finding a job in the future. Children should watch not only social networking sites but also the news and learn that they can lose their lives over a prank, and their parents should warn them in advance.

It is ironic that the kid licked the soy sauce and ended up “tasting the bitter acid.”

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