Regular voice-over actor and vocaloid P… Kiss My Miyata’s otaku work has been steadily powering up. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Regular voice-over actor and vocaloid P… Kiss My Miyata’s otaku work has been steadily powering up.

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Miyata strolling in Akihabara (from his Instagram)

It is common knowledge to fans that Kis-My-Ft2’s Toshiya Miyata is a hardcore otaku. Miyata has had many otaku-related jobs in the past, but his work has steadily stepped up.

In 2010, for example, she was chosen to voice the twins in “Delicious Party ♡ Precure. The “Pretty Cure” series is one in which many professional voice actors have aspirations to appear. In fact, few celebrities have appeared as regular voice actors, and this is the first time a former Japanese idol has appeared as a regular voice actor.

The acting ability of the actor was high, and he was apparently very well received by fans and industry insiders. According to an entertainment writer, “Miyata suddenly had to play the roles of twins, but she not only handled it with ease, she showed acting skills that rivaled those of professionals. If she can show that kind of ability, she will be getting more and more voice-over work in the future. It seems that Miyata has left his mark.

Speaking of Miyata’s first accomplishment as a former Johnny’s member, one might think of a topic related to Nico Nico Nico. Since May 24, 2010, “Kiss My Miyata no Nico Nico Live Yatte it’s Alright!” has been broadcast on a monthly basis, but this is the first time a former Johnny’s talent has had a regular program on Nico Nico Live. Based on the program’s concept of addressing and fulfilling the concerns of Miyata and viewers, he also made his debut as a vocaloid P under the name “Anmitsu” in October ’22.

Perhaps the most talked-about event was his surprise appearance at “Cho-Party 2022. This event is one of the largest music events on Nico Live, where creators of various genres such as “utattemita” and “vocaloid” gather under one roof. Miyata made a surprise appearance as the top performer on the second day of the event, performing two songs, “Karakuri Pierrot” and “It’s Alright!

Miyata said, “The Nico Nico area is filled with elements of otaku culture. It’s great to see idols who are active on the front lines of the Nico Nico Nico community. There is a strong possibility that she will become even more important in the future as someone who bridges the gap between otaku and idols.

Miyata’s momentum continues unabated, and she is already the voice of the main character in the anime “Vanguard Divinez,” which has been airing since January 2012. The production team has high expectations for Miyata, and the president of Bushiroad Inc. said, “The entire anime industry is indebted to him. We wanted to work together for his sake, too.

While the number of entertainers who profess to be otaku is increasing, Miyata continues to increase his otaku work while remaining at the forefront as an active idol. Her success is such that she has become a flying bird, and people are saying, “It’s amazing that she has gone from being just an idol who likes anime to being the one who sends out the message. What will happen if she continues to step up her game? Let’s look forward to their future activities.

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