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Hikaru “Feeling Guilty,” Talks about His “Black History” of Selling Information Products

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Hikaru confessed on his YouTube show that he had dealt in information products in the past. He spoke words of remorse…

Popular YouTuber Hikaru has been talking about his own “black history.

Hikaru has recently started a new program on YouTube, “Yoron or Yoron Riron,” with Yuta Misaki, the “Prince of Aojiru” and Tsubasa Yosawa, a businessman living in Dubai. The first guest on the show was Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. “Holliemon,” who appeared on his channel to talk about Hikaru’s information product business in the past.

Before Hikaru started his YouTube video game show in 2004, he was selling information products, and Mr. Horie told him

You used to be an infomercial salesman, didn’t you?”

When asked if he had done so, he admitted that he had.

What Hikaru was selling was a product that said, “You can make money by doing this. However, he was not

If I had 100 students, only about 3 of them would be able to do what I say.

and the success rate is low, and Hikaru

My know-how may be right or it may be wrong, but it (earning money) is impossible.”

He was not happy with the results.

When he made the most money, he had sales of 20 million yen per month, but Hikaru

I’m not saying I did anything wrong, but I do feel guilty.

He recalled. He has since stepped away from the information product business. Hikaru said

I can say this now, but I was really evil. I was. I really was. I was pure evil. As long as I could make money, I was OK. As long as I wasn’t breaking the law, it was OK, right? That was my base. So I never really thought about making anyone happy.

He was very frank. He said that his mindset changed after becoming a YouTube star.

As for information products, Yosawa felt that they had “no future.

It also makes (people) unhappy, and society will never recognize that.”

He said, “I am a very good person.

This is the first time that Hikaru has spoken so specifically about his past information product business. While some have expressed sympathy for Hikaru’s openness about his feelings at the time, there are many fraudulent products in the information product market.

Hikaru set his goal at the beginning of the year as “entering the TV market.” However, the TV industry is in strict compliance these days, and information products are a no-go. We don’t know about Hikaru, but there are many victims all over Japan who have been cheated by information products.

With such risks involved, we were surprised that Hikaru mentioned his past “black history” at this time,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

Hikaru is also said to be the “main culprit” behind the unleashing of the “expose” YouTube star Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Gurshi. When he was accused of the “BTS meeting scam,” Hikaru revealed his real name in a video, causing Higashitani to lose credibility in the industry and his parents to disown him, he claims.

Higashitani has also revealed the “secret faces” of celebrities he has interacted with in his videos. Actors such as Masaru Shirota and Tsuyoshi Ayano have become the targets of the “Gershey cannon.

Hikaru is also receiving a lot of flak, and several video projects involving collaborations with celebrities have already been canceled. A sports newspaper reporter in charge of entertainment said

Hikaru, who has been thoroughly maintaining his body by straightening his teeth and going to men’s esthetic clinics in preparation for his TV career, has stated that he will return to his original intention, saying, “I will do my best on YouTube,” after the Garcy issue occurred. I guess that means he is putting TV on the shelf for now.”

He points out.

Hikaru’s relationship with former Nogizaka 46 member Sayuri Matsumura recently came to light. Hikaru is still more than influential as he has been providing topics one after another without running out of material.

In addition, on YouTube, he has been a regular contributor to the aforementioned “Yoro-Yoron” and the collaborative program “Win Win Wiiin,” which is as good as TV. Content is appearing one after another. For Hikaru, it may have been more “profitable” to pursue YouTube, where he knows how to win, rather than sticking to television.

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