Singing Nagabuchi with guitar in hand? Mei Nagano: Actress Holds “Budokan Event” at the Budokan, but the Details Are Completely Undisclosed. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Singing Nagabuchi with guitar in hand? Mei Nagano: Actress Holds “Budokan Event” at the Budokan, but the Details Are Completely Undisclosed.

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What kind of “side you have never seen before” will she show us?

Popular actress Mei Nagano (24) will hold her first solo event “Private” at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on November 23.

The event will be held under the catchphrase “I have never seen Mei Nagano like this. Mei Nagano has never been shown to the public before, and this event is an attempt to reveal a new side of Mei Nagano that has never been shown to the public before, “only” at the Nippon Budokan. The content of the event, except for the venue and date, will remain “undisclosed” until the day of the event. The performance will be held on November 23, starting at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are 7200 yen (tax included) for all reserved seats. The ticket price is quite aggressive, despite the fact that the details are undisclosed.

The capacity is 15,000, which is an unusually large scale event for an actress. Ms. Nagano originally debuted in the entertainment industry as a model for a teen magazine, so perhaps there will be more female fans in the audience. Ms. Nagano has played the lead and heroine in numerous movies and her acting ability is highly acclaimed, but at the Budokan, she is likely to show her “real face” that is never seen in her work as an actress.

This month, Nagano’s own production goods and official goods for the event were unveiled to the public. The items produced by Nagano include caps, tumblers, socks, and many other items that can be used on a daily basis. The penlight featuring a three-dimensional logo has a solid shape, which was carefully selected.

The penlights, which feature a three-dimensional logo, have a solid shape and have been carefully selected. Fans are likely to take advantage of this opportunity to buy up all the items they can.

In an Instagram post on September 21, she suddenly showed off her blonde hair and ponytail, which caused a stir among fans.

According to the October 12 and 19 issues of “Josei Seven,” Nagano has been going to a driving school in Tokyo frequently to obtain a large-sized motorcycle license, and has already obtained a medium-sized motorcycle license. There was a time when he told those around him that his dream was to ride a Harley-Davidson, a representative of American motorcycles.

As expected, there might not be a Harley, but there might be a motorcycle on stage at the Budokan. It is true that Nagano riding a motorcycle can only be seen there. If the opening performance is a surprise and gets the audience excited, the success of the event will be assured.

Furthermore, expectations are high that the audience will be able to see an unexpected side of Nagano that she has never shown before, although she has publicly announced it in the past.

At the stage greeting for the movie “Ore Monogatari‼” (2003), in which she played the heroine, she was asked what she would like to be if she were reborn, to which she immediately replied, “Go Nagabuchi! She immediately answered, “Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi! Perhaps influenced by his parents, he later happily told a variety show that he had been watching various videos to practice guitar and had fallen in love with Mr. Nagabuchi.

Perhaps it is likely that he will perform Mr. Nagabuchi’s songs by playing the guitar, and perhaps there will be a gorgeous project in which Mr. Nagabuchi will appear as a guest and have a session with Nagano. If we announce the event in advance, Mr. Nagabuchi’s fans will crowd in, so I think they are keeping the content secret until the day of the event.” (Music industry insider)

Nagano’s talent as an actress is well known to the public, but the Budokan event may reveal a glimpse of her new talent that she has been hiding until now.

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Selfie with Erika Toda, who co-starred in “Motherhood” on the red carpet at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October ’22.
On location for “Riding the Unicorn. She took many takes of the scene where she dashes (July ’22).
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In “Hakozume,” he played a role with an okappa hairstyle. On the left is Shohei Miura, who played a senior detective.
From Mei Nagano’s Instagram (@mei_nagano0924official)
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